For people with one or 2 tattoos, do they effect how you view yourself in any way?

I'm thinking about getting my first tattoo and I was wondering for people who only have one or 2 if getting a tattoo changed how they view their self? or if it changed what other people thought of you after you told them you got a tattoo?

I only plan on getting the one tattoo because I think it's silly when people are covered in them.

PS:It would be helpful if you tell me if the other people around you have tattoos or not because most of my family has a few tattoos.


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  • As long as there is no tattoos on your face you are okay. I'm planning on getting a tattoo soon too and really don't care how people think of me. Either you accept the way I am or reject the way I am. It's your life and your body. Mostly 90% of my friends have a tattoo...everybody view was the same before they got it. In my family, both of my uncles got a tattoo and their parents are really Christian like basically what I was saying before...your body your life ... They can't control your body you can


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  • I also just asked about them hahahaha.

    Well many people I know have them, some have one or two and some have a large one or many.

    I haven't ever gotten one, just drawn ideas my friends really liked and used like the skull on my profile. One of my friends got that on his arm.

    I think they can be really interesting if there is a meaning to it so I'd imagine if its something that really meant something to you then it could affect how you view yourself or just a reminder about something significant in your life.

    My ex got a really stupid grim reaper on his chest hahahahahaha.

    From my question I learned majority of men don't like tattoos on women hahaha!

    • I don't mind if women have 1-3 medium or small ones. and none on their face or hands. this is the tattoo I want link it's from a cartoon I loved and still watch every now and than called Reboot.

  • I have a few, probably more after this week is done, and they don't make me feel any different about myself. Sometimes people are surprised to see that I have tattoos, but I don't know why. Most of my friends and family have tattoos as well, so it's not a big deal.


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  • I'm the only one in my family and most of my friends with tattoos. My tattoos have never changed the way I view myself but it is interesting to see other people's reactions! My parents don't want me to get more but I definitely will hope this helped!

  • haha I just asked one about tattoos too.

    now they're gonna think I asked cause of you.

    • lol there are tattoo related questions on here every now and than so if anyone says anything just tell them it's a popular topic.

    • will do.