If a guy tells you that you're beautiful, does that mean he likes you?

Hey, I'm a sophomore in high school and I met this guy this year and he always flirts with me. Everyone thinks he likes me but I'm not sure and sometimes its so awkward between us. I never try to fish for compliments but he's randomly told me that I'm beautiful like 2 times. And I don't know why? but my guy friend asked him if he liked me and he said that he liked me only as a friend but then why is always flirting with me, calling me beautiful, and in class he always finds a way to sit next to me and I don't even really flirt back with him I'm just being really nice and most of the time I ignore him? but he never does anything like asking for my # or wanting to hang out? and he seems like a straightfoward guy. there's more things but there's just too much lol. I need help :(


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  • When a guy tells you that your beautiful it either means that you are truly strikingly beautiful in a physical sense, and that he has some obsession with stating the obvious, or you're beautiful to him and he wants to go out with you. Both things my be true in your case (I couldn't know), but I think its safe to assume that he has an interest in you. The fact that he doesn't follow up, may mean a lack of self-confidence on his part. I suggest that you help him along a bit, and ask him if he'd like to do something. Maybe have lunch, or go for a walk, whatever you can think of that's safe. Sometimes being beautiful to someone else means you have to take the lead. All the best.

    • Yea I know but he doen't seem like the shy intimadated kind because I mean he's flirty and a lot of girls like him... but he does compliment me every chance he gets for no reason. he's just so confusing lol.

    • That is confusing. Even if you don't ask him out, you can at least continue enjoying the compliments! Happy hunting.

    • Lol good one the compliments are nice :)

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  • it sounds like he likes you - but it also sounds like he doesn't. does he look deep into your eyes? do you catch him staring at you a lot? lots of girls prefer to be told their beautiful, so he probably means it. although some boys are total jerks and could just be playing with you and messing with your feelings, and be doing it for a joke. but, he could be lying to his friend and maybe he secretly like you, maybe he's just embarrassed in front of his friend. maybe you should ask him if he likes you or not (:

    • Well yea he does stare at me during class I used to think I was being paranoid but now I'm pretty sure its me? lol and yea that's what I was thinking that he probably is a jerk but he's my friend so I can't say that either. and he has stared into my eyes before but that was wen I bearly knew so I kinda got akward and turned my head to talk to someone else which was mean I noe lol but he's done his fare share of mean things to me like one time I was talking about this guy and he completley ignored me.

    • He probably ignored you because he doesn't like you talking about other guys if he likes you. most guys are horrible to you if they like you - whereas some other guys just won't be and will be nice. keep your eyes open and see what he does next. (:

    • Okay thanks. :)

  • I think that he may like but is a little bit unsure . . .I say you keep on flirting with him and hang out with him outside of school and see what happens ! Good Luck!

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