I don't want to date him because I am not as hot as his exes, what should I do? I don't want to get hurt.

i have this friend we know each other for a while, I always thought he had a crush on me, and I always pretended I wasn't interested, I do like him as a person and I find him attractive however I am really insecure about myself, my body specially, I don't feel pretty naked, just with clothes on, I have tons of cellulite, big areolas and all that think that is ugly...but I attract a lot of guys, even hot ones because I look good with clothes on, I have only been with an obese dude because I thought well he isn't going to complain...

So this guy, is cute but he only dated great looking girls, younger girls that have always been thin, I am saggy cause I've always been a bit thick...


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  • if he's asking you out, then he obviously finds you as hot if nto even hotter than his ex girlfriend! he wouldn't ask you out or try to be with you unless he liked you in that way, especially if you are friends and have been for a while!

    and if and when you feel comfortable to get naked with him, you should tell him that you feel insecure about your body. I mean, not that he'll even say anything like "geez, you don't have tight thighs like *insert ex girlfriend's name here*" because chances are, if you aren't he already knows that. and when the possibility of sex arises and you're already naked I doubt he'll stop and look whether you have cellulite around your ass. he'll be more concerned about something a bit further down...or up, depends on where your starting point was.

    so just chill out and go for it/him! if he didn't like you and find you attractive, he wouldn't be asking ;)

    • i know what you mean, but I don't think he has any idea how different I look naked from his young exs...i don't know what to do to myself to change how I think about myself, he is the guy of guy that says what matters is what the person has inside and that look fades but he loves Kim Kardashian and other fake looking woman, so it contradition...

    • he likes the fakes because they might be bimbos but they are confident. I have recently gotten an answer on here that opened my eyes: it's the confidence a girl exudes that makes all the men go to her like a moth to a flame, not the looks per se. find out what you like about yourself, write it down and keep it in your desk drawer or someplace. if you're really insecure, read it every time before you leave the house. it'll do you good! and trust me - if you're naked, you're gonna be hot to him!

    • Thats a great idea. I think I have a pretty face...i am no So sure about the confidence thing...and don't think he can find me hot naked comparing with his hot skinny young exs

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