I'm going to the movies with a guy friend that I like so how should I dress,make-up & be?

okay so me & a guy friend just met like 2 weeks ago at school.

hes 2 years older than me & he asked me out on a hang out but

i guess its a date. & were not going out were just friends but I don't know if likes me but I like him alot. were going alone to watch a movie but I don't know how I should be so can you guys give any advice...help :]


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  • I'd keep it really casual ... but fun!

    Okay, this is a little out there (but so am I. and that's what I like) buuuutttttt:

    How about overalls (the girl kind) with a cute T (go with a flannel shirt on top, if it's cold weather), Chuck Taylors (I like red) and a fun, diesel watch.


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  • It's probably best to dress low key, but pretty. It's a quasi-date, but not really a date. If you want specifics, jeans and a nice top, light makeup. Don't look like you've tried too hard. He doesn't seem to be making it into a big deal, so don't make it one. Of course, even though it's not definite what "the hang out" exactly is, don't stop yourself from flirting during it. It's another opportunity to be around this guy you like. Whether it is as friends or more.

    Honestly, I'd be more worried by the 2 year gap. When you're in high school (you are, right?), 2 years is a bigger gap than it is in later years (even compared to college years). Just make sure you want what he wants, and he wants what you want.