How often do you see someone REALLY attractive?

A lot of my friends and family criticize me for being "shallow", but I really don't think I am shallow. I think I have standards just like anyone...I'm just very vocal about mine and I don't think I need to be ashamed for having standards. I guess because I have a somewhat "high" standard, I don't typically see people that get my heart racing. It made me wonder often do other people see someone they consider really attractive?

So how often do you see someone that's so attractive you feel nervous around them - heart racing, blushing, etc.?

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  • i'm totally the same way. I remember in college I had an "8.5 and up" policy that my friends thought was nuts, hahaha. they always said "your best available option is a 10", but that's nonsense. On my scale, a hard 10 can't exist, that would break the scale. if there's a 10, why not a 10.1? So 9.9 is the best you can do. And that's on the "New York City scale". You know the saying about people who are big fish in small ponds that have an over-inflated rating by the locals, and maybe in their own minds? Something like, "She's a Kansas City 10, but a New York 6." Straight NYC scale for me, regardless of the environment. If I'm in Buffalo, I'm probably just going back to the hotel empty-handed, haha.

    it's kind like a sport to me, really. I'm responsible with girls' feelings and all, I'm not a d*** about it, but I consider myself fortunate to be one of the guys who gets to pull lookers, so why not pull all the lookers I can before I'm old and gross-looking, haha. dropping my standards only cheapens the experience. When I'm 90 years old in a wheelchair, drooling with a dazed look in my eye, but with a faint smile? That smile is me reminiscing on all the beautiful women, that sh*t sustains me now, and it'll sustain me then, haha.

    i think I started that long rant to preface what constitutes "REALLY attractive" and just got all passionate on it, hahaha...sorry. anyway, I see cute girls that meet my standards almost daily, but it's probably only once every week or two that I see a bonafide showstopper.


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  • I live in two separate cities. Both of them have a fairly high number of attractive women. If I keep my eyes out, I'm sure there's at least a couple a week if I'm walking around downtown when everyone's is dressed up on a Friday night.

  • I see a lot of very attractive girls all the time, but super-hot ..not very often.. the problem is that almost any girl - even the hot ones got at least one obvious flaw.. for example there's a very attractive, pretty blond girl, slim, stylish and so on.. but no curves! Or any other similar combination - when something that is important is missing.

    I don't get nervous around girls, alright - I might be a little shy at first when it comes to a really hot girl, but just by seeing them I don't get my heart racing or blushing.

  • I've never seen a girl who was my type in real life. However, I do see plenty of attractive women all the time. In fact, I just saw 2 when I was at dinner about 20 minutes ago. OMFG!

  • not very often


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  • the poll options aren't the best.

    say you only find one guy super attractive, but you work with him so you see him every day. but also there could be the situation that someone sees attractive people all the time (on Monday it was a Marine in a coffee shop, on Tuesday it was a business executive on the subway, on Wednesday it was ___, etc)

    • The first scenario is involving one you would pick once a year if that was the ONLY super attractive you saw all year...even if you saw them everyday...because its still just ONE person.

      If you saw multiple attractive people a week then you could choose once a day or multiple times a day. I realize the options aren't amazing but you can only have 5 options and you get the gist.

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    • Well they tie together in my opinion...because my standard is high, I rarely see someone that fits it. Therefore I would vote once a year. Whereas, if you are someone with lower standards you might see really attractive people multiple times a day.

    • i understand your reasoning. its just a complex question with several factors measuring in.

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