Very good looking people have it all

very good looking people are always happy and have tons of freinds

and people are always interested in them love to what there up to

the place they have been photos they take .they are never lonely they always invited every where house parties ,pub , nightclubs ,birthday parties ,BBQ , if guy girls are chasing them adding them there Facebook .guys love female attention ,they get best jobs ,best treatment , they do nothing for it .they always smiling and always happy nothing gets them down.they always new freinds always accept by every one love by every even strangers they have never meet love them because there pretty face .

there blessed with genetic perfection I wish I had my life would co much nicer and lot easier love would constaned every day.

people love them for no reason other then face pretty face nice eyes perfect pout lips flawless skin snow white teeth and photogenic photo.

it true what say you face is you fortune so true ,but when you opposite well expert nothing hardship rejection and pain not much else I know my whole life has hardship rejection pure pain good looking guys rejection moral bone in there body or conscience to guide they all about themselves they what htye get for nothing

i have read about good looking guys rejection never though I experiences height shallowness in in life throwing in my face

that he good looking worth more then I am ,he said was nothing other women are worth he found more I have end up alone and lonely and sad not much else .if I was good looking and slim

tall he would respect me and treated me but he did not now I am alone he is happy with new woman for easy day of year that passes. each day of of sadness for each of happiness and no loneness for him

so many good looking guys have rejected humalited degraded me has left me empty and sad I can no longer trust males no longer I can the scum like them getting away to happy life I must now pick pieces yet start over and over over all I feel sadness

i wish I was pretty and my life would be happy it hard to be put question on it


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  • Girl I don't know what you think of me but I've had people occasionally call me cute or something but I am definitely not all those things you described. I have like barely any friends, I am shy and don't talk to people or get along with people extremely well, I have never been invited to any parties or anything except by my best friend, I work my ass off studying mathematics and statistics in college and nobody hands me sh*t and I don't have any overly nice job let alone any job right now. Don't judge someone just be how they look.


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  • The prettiest smiles hide the deepest secrets. The prettiest eyes have cried the most tears and the kindest hearts have felt the most pain!

    • some pretties are coldest callous spoilt mean hard heart type around would pick on kick on some lower rank in society when he down leave for dead that I know of good looking male towards they kick me when I am down make sure I stay down .i have the pain good looking male with hard heart towards soft hear for attaches women hard heart for women they have attractive

      they any but sad cold manipulative who know how use there looks there advantage.

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    • he only trust girls his own age any older he has no respect for them.he made me believe me nice guy and caring he shy and sweet from the day he did I tool deeper look in to his freinds he had women then I had hot cups of tea.he fooled me I did know any different till that day he insulted he was real life player and very smooth talking liar

    • no I was only getting to know him he was new to me .i have meet him in person.i have link to what he said but I need to to to you message only you see what I mean

  • I'm sure there are plenty of guys and girls who feel this way. Stop feeling bad for yourself. Ur just hung up on what you think people see, the only perspective that matters is urs so just pick your head up And keep walking

    • with out there good looks there nothing nothing they power and manpultion tool is gone they will have nothing .i wish they were ugly looking and see how the other half lives being alone and unwanted treated badly to be last served in shop .to people look right pass you to rejected all time made feel to worthless and have it throwing there face and see what it feels like received end of of the abuse they dish to the lesser .what come around goes around I hope million every day till there learn

  • i agree, but I feel good-looking girls have it more

  • Be the very best you can be. For you.

    • they think can do what ever they want to who ever they want with out consequence

    • What do they do that is so bad lol. Ugly People do dumb stuff too haven't you even seen the show cops bahaha

    • is not what mean is that they can be mean others and walk away after deteyoring there self estreem and made feel like dirt ,nothing bad happens them after it .other person who they have done it to have pick themselves after hurtful insults and puts made feel to like worthless dirt that what I judge them and comparison themselves make them worthless and being told you hated not worth knowing ,to be other other girls worth more then he like other women not me

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  • I don't believe I saw one question mark in this entire thing...what's your question?

    • my question how good looking people are always happy

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    • I am not. I am just tired of beating a dead horse so to speak. If you aren't content with who you are physically, do what you can to change that. Don't whine about it on the internet. We are unknown internet people. We can't help you. So, change what you don't like, or just learn to deal with it. At your age, you would think you'd have accepted yourself by now.

    • so talking to me then .

  • Not true at all. Beautiful people can also have hard time. They never know who's there for them and who's there only because they look good. Some get too cocky and waste their youth rejecting people and using them that when they grow older they have no one there with them... I saw in an interview once that Brad Pitt was lonely during his college years because people were too scared to approach him. Sometimes beautiful people have a hard time dealing with jealous people who want to see them fall, obsessive girls, guys who approach girls because they are pretty. They have higher chance of being raped. People are afraid to approach beautiful people because people assume they are 'out of their league, already taken or big headed and It's not true! I know this because I had a beautiful friend. Sometimes extreme beauty can be a curse. Also not to mention perverts...

    • but you talking about very rare few but the ones I know much better off much richer life no money can buy is what I am talking about one in particular comes to mind

    • i have many good looking none what you said is problem what you have reading is a myth by some mazging some website for sorry pretty and good looking I don't buy what you sell there my experience is the complete opposite I never feel sorry for good looking people you might I don't

      i don't buy that .i don't feel sorry for good looking they can quiet cruel and colds and nasty people people would not cross because they make you life hell so no . you reading rubbish myth made by some one with noc

    • What I don't get is why do you think appearance is directly proportional to happiness? And also have you ever heard this "An ugly person who takes grooms themselves is more attractive than a beautiful person who doesn't" it's true because I've seen so many people who have the potential to be pretty because of their features but they settle for less due to whatever reason. And I've seen plenty of ugly happy people, it's all about the mind set.

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