Tummy getting smaller but thighs getting bigger?

Hi:) I'm 16 and I have been trying to lose weight. I wanna go from being 5'11 and 148 pounds to around 130 pounds. But my thighs seem like they are getting bigger and my butt a little. Why is that? Is it weird or attractive? I was trying to get a body like Gisele Bundchen she's gorgeous and a nice body. I play bball 4 times a week and have 2 games on Tuesdays. The other days I'm at the gym. I've been eating healthier too.


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  • You're just building muscle. Playing that much basketball is going to make your thighs and quads bigger over time. You probably don't have the exact body type as her, which is fine. And a girl who looks like Gisele Bundchen but with a little more curves sounds pretty appealing to me. Worry more about your jumpshot and less about your butt.

    • Lol the last part is right thx:)

    • Yeah, and with your height get that post game correct too.

  • Lunatic.

    • How?

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    • Because it's unrealistic. You are not proud of who you are and nobody likes an emotional black hole. People find happiness in all shapes and sizes. To say that only one shape and one size equates to happiness shows a severe flaw in judgement. It's pathetic.

    • I'm not saying people of all shapes and sizes aren't beautiful or anything! I'm so not saying that at all beacause everyone is beautiful but I just want it for myself and just yea

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