What does it mean when a guy says you're cute?

I have had a good handful of guys say I'm cute, or have a nice body, but they never go farther than that. Like ask me out or continue the conversation when I say thanks, or give them a compliment.

P.S. could it have anything to do with the fact that I'm usually busy, and on the run ( I do stop long enough to give them a chance to say more but they don't so I just move on)


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  • it is a simple lead in that you are attractive to him. if you are busy or whatever reason and just blow him off, we take that as "not interested" and move on. if you want to continue, you need to return the volley. be bold.

    • Thanks I haven't really realized that , I mean in the past I just figured the persetant (spelled wrong?) guys were more intrested . I guess I really just don't think.

    • we are busy too. the trick is to balance being persistent and wasting our effort. we get rejected all the time. not a big deal. but you get your chance to tilt the balance. a smile back and a bit of dialog from you keeps it going when we might have otherwise taken your lack of response as rejection.

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  • why don't you say, "yeah your cute too" then they will ask you out, problem solved

    • I will actually try that next time , I don't know why I don't do that.

  • cute=adorable ... check out my question link


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