Do most guys think girls in thier clothes are sexy?

Today after I got out of the shower and put underwear on I was cold so I threw on my guy's big hoodie and walked around in it and realized "Hey, I can see how this could be really hot." because I never really understood guys thinking that, you know? So I wondered if all guys shared this opinion because I thought maybe he'd appreciate a pic of me in his jacket?


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  • I know this is a quick response but yes it's absolutely sexy. Guys think it's really hot when a girl wears their clothes expecially when it's personally theirs like a team jacket or their name or something they're affiliated with. I get so turned on if my girlfriend wears my boxers and my t shirt for some reason, so yah definitely send him a pick, he'll love it.!

    • K, thanks =]

      He won't be able to keep it though, because we're "good kids" lol =]

      I love his white tees and boxers too! He keeps telling me he won't have any more if I keep taking them! haha =D

    • Haha that's pretty cool. I wish my girlfriend did that to me. lol

    • He bought me my own boxers as part of my Christmas present, but they just aren't the same =] lol

      but he pretty much always has a full change of clothes at my house. Its pretty hilarious actually.

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  • it's pretty hot.

    however, if you wear some random guys clothes around your boyfriend he probably won't find it attractive. instead, he may get jealous and wonder why you're wearing that guys clothes.

    • I'd never wear some other dudes clothes if front of my guy or behind his back.

      Unless it was an emergency, like it was raining and I had no jacket or something.

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  • yeah, my boyfriend doesn't mind me wearing his hoodie either or his jacket when it's cold. so I think it's alright.