To all you metal guys out there - what clothing for women?

So I'm a metalhead girl, very much into thrash/death metal (especially Man Must Die, Pantera, Evile and stuff :P) and I was wondering what you guys' opinion on this subject is. I find other metalheads very interesting and often genuinly nice people that I have a lot in common with. Yet I find it difficult to approach them, especially on 'non-metal' occasions.

I do not usually dress the part (I do wear black, but rarely any bandshirts etc). I was wondering whether metal guys find it attractive if a girl looks 'metal'? Or even just as a conversation starter? And if so, would you prefer if she'd dress more casually and like 'one of the guys', or would you go for the more feminine version?


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  • "I was wondering whether metal guys find it attractive if a girl looks 'metal'?"...simply put, no. To me, metal is an awesome way to hear music that is so much different from boring mainstream music. It is a very awesome subculture indeed. What it doesn't need (IMO), are posers and fashionistas who feel the need to look a certain based on the type of music they listen to. Leave that to the Gaga fans and hipsters ;)

    • :) I agree with you on that! :P Don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to change myself or to put huge effort in that, I was just wondering whether putting myself more out there as a metalhead would loosen up things a bit in first contact :P Thanks for the answer btw!

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    • Yeah your right. I don't even know why I asked this question anyways, it's all pretty obvious :P Thanks again for the responses anyway ;)

    • No problem

  • What do metal girl usually wear?


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