Could I still model if......??

I'm 16 and I have been trying really hard to lose the weight I have. I'm 5'11 and 148 pounds but I've been trying to get to 130. I've been working out and playing bball 4 times a week but it seems my thighs have gotten more muscular and my butt a kinda bigger. I'm a 34b and my waist is small. Thx also how can I get rid of them if needed.

I ask because yesi do look skinny and people say I should but I wanted others opinion


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  • Models your height would be more like 115-120 lbs.

    I suspect you don't have the model frame, though you have the height.

    Modelling is a terrible industry, it wrecks the women's self esteem and the pay is terrible.

    Focus on school and use your 5'11 frame for something that will make you feel good about yourself and healthier - like basketball.

    • Will any tips for getting down to 115?

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    • I don't know women's that well, but I'm thinking you _could_ drop 5% and be ripped at that point, which would put you to ... 140. If you are really only at 20% boyfriend, you just have a powerful physique. Seriously, I'm sure you look GOOD, just not like a waif, instead you look strong.

      Just enjoy your body. crush other girls in bball.

    • Ok and wats a waif?

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  • Being a model these days, is is dating one. If you want to change into one for your own happiness then sure go ahead. I'm just telling you that I think it's being overdone

  • Haha you know you seem to have the exact body that I like the most. Skinny models are not very attractive. Nothing tot grab.

    • Oh hahaha:) so I should stay the way I am? I thought guys drooled over models lol

    • lol Know not all guys. I myself prefer more curvy women then thin. I'd take Kim Kardashian or Vida Guerra over Miranda Kerr any day.

    • Good to know:) I should stop being so insecure:(

  • yeah you weight to much, and you don't seen to have the body frame. But don't worry about it, models are usually unintelligent and only care about looks. Work on improving yourself in other ways.

    • So is there anyway to get to like 115 then? I mean I look skinny but I need to weigh lighter I guess

    • 148 and 5' 11 is thin but not model skinny. If you've been at this weight for a long time then it's probably where your body is naturally. But If you want to lose weight than your just gonna have to eat right and run your ass off. You need to lose like 40-50 pounds.

    • Ok thx

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  • If that's your natural weight, that's your natural weight. You're not unhealthy, so you really shouldn't be trying to lose that kind of weight- and there probably aren't really any healthy ways to go about it anyway.

    If you really want to model, try for it as you are. You might not have a high fashion model type frame, but that's not to say there aren't other types of modeling you might be able to do. It's a really competitive and pretty terrible industry, though, so make sure that's really what you want before you invest the time, effort, and money into going there.

    • actually now that I think about it it's possible you do have an appropriate modeling body. I'm 5'9" and 125-30 lbs and I've been like, scouted or whatever and told I could model. I guess it depends on how you carry your weight and your proportions and stuff. that's definitely a healthy weight, so maybe you have got the body. idk. maybe post a picture, if you'd like.

  • Pics?


    You need to loose more weight if you wanna be a "runway" model. 120 should be your goal...130 if you have muscles or boobs.

  • Don't limit yourself and don't change to fit the needs of the modeling industry. Seek out opportunities where you can model at the weight you are now. You're athletic. Be an athletic model for sports companies! You could be like a hot Nike model or something.

    • Wow I totally forgot about Nike models!:) thx love