What face and hair products should I take with me to Milan next week?

I am going to Milan for two weeks on holiday next week Saturday and still Haven't bought anything! what are some good but cheap face and hair products I should buy? Please help. Thanks

My face is combination/oily, and my skin is normal/dry


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  • I know on domestic flights any liquids can't be over a few ounces unless you check your bag..

    Check with your airline.

    • whats the maximum ounces of a product to have?

      P.S. thanks for the advice :)

    • Google it

    • It's really up to the TSA (security) check with your airline if your carrying on a bag with any liquids. I "think" 21/2 qz. You have to buy water from one of the stores after you pass through security.

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  • For hair obviously shampoo and conditioner...hair spray..mouse or gel depending on how you style your hair..a blow dryer and flat iron and curling iron. Its up to you.

    For face you need a cleanser..i use cetaphil antibacterial soap bar...and a facial brush to clean my face...and I use an spf moisturizer from cetaphil to keep my face intact.

    • thank you :)

    • No problem. I recommend oil blotting sheets if you don't already have them. They suck up the shinyness you get on your face during the day.

    • i actually never heard of them but I will have a look on the internet :) thanks