I was weird looking until 26 years old?

so most of my life I spent awkward and ignored.

i hated men for so long. now I'm 32 and I feel like it was unfair that I wasn't attractive when I was younger, like 21 so I could have taken advantage of it and di something with it.

now I'm older and wrinkling. how do I come to terms with everything. like I dont' know how to flirt or really date and I'm old.


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  • tell me about it.

    when I was in middle school, and high school, I wasn't so great looking and guys wouldn't even look at me. they were almost repulsed by me. I felt gross. but for some reason, now that I'm 20, I look better. I haven't lost any weight. but I don't look as bad as I did when I was younger. even the guys that didn't like me back in high school now try to talk to me. I have no idea what happened. but because of all that rejection, I don't know how to act around guys. I'm still kind of insecure so I don't know how to flirt, or even get a date. I still feel like that unattractive teenager. I may look better, but I have doubts.

    you're not that old. 32 is still young. there's many guys around that age that are still single.

    i wish I could give you some flirting tips but I am very inexperienced in that area. I'm sorry.

    but for the wrinkling, its normal. my sister is 28 and she's starting to wrinkle but she's still pretty. just use anti aging products and always wear sunblock to protect from sun damage.


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  • Deal with it now, or hate yourself even more at 40, and even more at 50.

    You're only "old" in the mind of teenagers. Most thirty somethings I know don't think of themselves as old at all.

    This is a matter of your self-perception. It's in your head. And it's under your control, with a little bit of effort.

  • The older you are the less you have to deal with the BS games that people played at younger ages. You're now well within your right to stand up an go after what you want without the beating around the bush, where as in your 20s you;d have still been running around trying to meet some illusive fantasy guy and never knowing that he may not exist.

    So take that as the upside. A couple of wrinkles aren't going to kill your ability to meet a guy, but your lack of confidence will.

  • Wrinkling at 32? Stay out of the sun.

    • not like major wrinkles. fine lines. it's normal. most women wrinkle at 25.

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