How can you make your hair grow faster?

i got a really bad hair cut and I was wondering what are some stuff that helps your hair grow faster and please don't say vitamens cause I can't do that right now but what are some tricks for growing hair thanks!?


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  • Taking Biotin is the fastest way to grow hair, bar none. If there a health reason why you don't want to take vitamins? The other things you should do is get plenty of sleep and drink lots of water. Even still, those are secondary to making sure you have enough biotin.

    • i don't have a helath promblem I just think that they might be exspensive how much are they?

    • Dear, they hardly are expensive.


      Most bottles can be purchased for less than $10 at your local Walgreens. Let your hair grow!

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  • massage your scalp a few times a day to stimulate it, drink plenty of water and eat a diet high in protein and omega 3 fatty acids e.g. fish. biotin (vit b6 or vit h as it is sometimes called) really does help but you said you don't want to take vitamins so you can google foods that are high in vitamin b6.

  • -Eat a well rounded diet that is adequate in protein, vitamins, minerals and omega 3 fatty acids: link

    Oily fish, nuts, lentils and veggies/fruits are the way to go. You cannot expect healthier hair if your diet is lacking

    -I recommend taking a multivitamin and/or biotin supplement. I take the Spring Valley brand from Wal-Mart & they're only like $3-$4 a bottle and last a while and I also take One-A-Day. Biotin helps make hair stronger, break less and retain more length

    -Massage your scalp while you wash your hair & scalp as well as at night for 3-5 minutes a day

    -Wash your hair every other day as opposed to every day. Washing everyday can make your scalp and hair dry, which can hinder growth

    Read my answer: link

  • Hi!

    I suggest to take vitamins for hair grow. I have taken vitamins for natural hair regrowth from this link

    and it's really worked for me. My hair was grown a lot.

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