Color corrector. makeup technique?

has anyone done this before? if so please share your experience.

i have watched a video on the mufe website on color correcting and the mua use the purple primer and the purple color corrector to correct hyper-pigmentation on her model. if one used a clear primer with a purple corrector, would the corrector lose some of it's opaqueness?

thanks in advance!


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  • Yes, this technique is very effective. You just have to learn how to apply it in the right areas. Meaning, don't slather a lot of the purple corrector all over the face. Instead, apply it on problem areas. I don't have to apply it on to the point we can see the purple. It's just a nice suttle way of concealing it without caking on concealer. The idea, hopefully MUFE explained it to you why this technique works, it to cancel out or neutralize the color that is on face. How we decide what colors are used as correctors, we go to the color wheel. Artists uses the technique as well.

    Hoped this helped.

    • so you think the technique would translate the same way if I mixed a CLEAR primer with a purple concealer instead of a PURPLE primer?

      thanks for your answer, you were a lot more help than the anon guy.

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    • thanks a bunch!

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