Nose piercing question? please help

okay last night I was playing with my newly pierced nose stud because inside my nose I had a giant boogie stuck to my piercing so I went up to the bathroom washed my hands and yes picked it out well I have the hook back and now it feels like it like straightened out but you can't see it when your looking at my nose but now my nose is hurting I really really cleaned it after words it looks the same just a little red around my stud but it went down but I want to know if fiddling with it that much as I did last night might make it easier for it to get infected I am cleaning my nose 5 times a day with the dial hand soap and the last time I clean I put a little triple biotic stuff on it


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  • Rinse it with peroxide a few times a day. Nose piercings are not attractive by the way and are gross


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  • My nose is pierced too. Mine never got infected and I always messed with it and never cleaned it. It is possible that it could have gotten infected though. Just keep cleaning it and you should be fine. If it develops a keloid mix up crushed asprin and water and put it on your nose once a day so it goes away.

    • Btw, if you like the nose piercing keep it. Everyone has different opinions on them so don't take anonymous guy's opinion to heart.

    • i like the way they look aha I was just like omg I am touching it way to much