If your partner isn't pretty, do you worry about your future kid's looks?

If your girlfriend or boyfriend isn't very beautiful/handsome

are you worried about your future kid's look?

I love my boyfriend and wouldn't change a thing in him but he isn't best looking:

have very big nose, really big ears , and is very hairy.

I know it's stupid but I worry that our kids would be similar to him ,

for example if we have girl and she would have so big ears ? she could feel ugly.

What do you think? Is this something to worry about?


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  • Dude have you not seen Bruce Willis, and Demi Moore's daughters?!

    • but Bruce Willis isn't ugly, so why you give such example? he doens't have extremaly big ears, big nose .. and have normal pretty face.

    • you are not getting it are you? bruce, and demi are attractive people, their three daughters (in my opinion) are reaally unnatractive, so anything can happen; 2 good looking people can produce good looking kids, and vice versa.

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  • I don't go for girls who aren't pretty in the first place, but you know - there is little to no correlation to the attractiveness of the parents and the kids. Good-looking parents can have ugly kids and vice verse.

    • But everyone in his family have big ears and big noses ( really big) I have very small ears and very small nose, so is any chance kids would be similar to me?

    • Well, actually yes. Although some traits are more likely to be found in only one gender, for example if the father got a big nose, his daughter is not very likely to have it compared to a son - who is more likely to have it.

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  • No I wouldn't worry.

    Like you said, you love him and wouldn't change a thing in him... so if you have kids with him they will look a little bit like him and a little bit like you; and people who will love them will react the same way you are.

  • You should accept your boyfriend for his inner and outter beauty. There is no such thing as an ugly person but you Miss do indeed have an ugly personality and a cold heart.

  • You should love him and your kids no matter what you think they look like ? ! ?

    • i would love them , you miunderstood me.

      I just don't want to have ugly kids because their life would be harder

    • I disagree.