What does it feel like for a guy to have a broken heart?

Just curious. I know what it feels like for a girl but girls and guys think and act differently.


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  • awful...got one now and have had far too many in my life.

    For us, since we are not as expressive, it's like a long, drawn-out, dull ache that gets buried inside. Really, what can you do about it, other than scream or go nuts (and that's not real productive)? So, for me, when the pain arises, which is alot, I just question and question and question, after awhile, you get really, really good at supressing your rage and anger by using all sorts of diversions to cover what you are feeling.

    Bottom line: some of us are fairly clueless about how to "get over it", "not let it get to you", "move on" and the million other cliches that I wish I knew how to do but am cluless how to actually accomplish.

    It's a fight, all the time, not to explode into violence or some other destructive behavior, which is how guys are programmed to respond.


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  • Each person handles pain and heart break differently. Obviously males are more apt to not vocalize it than females and yet most men can get over it quicker than women (in general terms).

    Heart break for me is a sick feeling. Rejection mixed with sadness in an emotional way; nausea and numbing in a physical sense. Heart break is much more than that though. Your soul is the most personal piece of who we are that we give to only a select few in our lives. The soul is the core of our spiritual existence- the essense of what we give back to nature and the world. The perfect high we gain from true love is never higher! And heart break is the unfortunate balance of that- a perfect low, never lower. The soul feels both!

    The great part (or the silver lining) is that most people automatically begin to heal the second that pain starts. How fast and how strong we bounce back is up to the individual. Some can never cope. For most men, we are trained to "hunt." Rejection by low rates of success is the savanah we lurk in. Heartbreak is just another form we have to deal with in order to make that next kill, so to speak. Fore if we don't, we will be left with nothing and starve.

    Pain is pain. We are no different.

  • A broken heart, for me, feels like getting punched repeatedly in the heart. It is a constant pain that resurfaces whenever a thought comes up, or a sight, or a memory, anything that would remind me of the person who caused it. In that moment, when I feel that pain, my legs get weak, my vision gets blurry, I feel sick, sometimes I actually get sick, and then it all gets washed away into anger. But, I'm an overly sensitive guy for some reason, so for most its probably not as horrible. And yes, I even cry. In two words: It sucks.

  • From my personal experience it feels the same I would imagine as it does for women. Except ours can last a lot longer if we actually liked the girl. This comes from the fact that we don't talk about it. Girls are expected to let their feelings out and cry, but men are pretty much hosed when it comes to this. We have to keep it in.

    I personally tried to deal with it through walking and thinking, and when that didn't work I tried drinking it away. In the end I think it is always going to be there. That little hole that won't be filled.

  • It feels horrible, well depending on the guy there's different ways they'll deal with the pain.


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