Different meanings with the word "cute"

I've been called "cute" a lot but never really bothered to know what it meant, I just thought of it as a good thing. But what separates the "cuddly" cute from the "cute" as in id go out with him? Or are they pretty much exactly the same? O.o

My friend said that when guys see a cute girl, they wanna take care of them and feel like a father figure of some type. But when girls see a cute guy, they would go out with them.


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  • Cute has many synonyms - attractive, pretty, endearing, clever, lovely, nice, sweet, smart, adorable, delightful, ...

    When I say cute, it could mean all or one of those things.

    When I'm referring to a baby... I'm talking about sweet, nice, adorable, because it's a baby.

    When I'm referring to a guy... I'm talking about attractive, clever, smart, delightful to be around.

    It depends on who I am talking to.

    To eliminate confusion and embarrassment on his behalf, I apologize for calling him cute if it bothers him. It slips, I then work on a more suitable word to call him, like cool.

    Or I may give him a way to remind me every time I let it slip, like a smack on the behind! x ] xD


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  • Well, there really is no different definition when it comes to the word "cute".

    Cute means attractive.

    The person probably has a face that is innocent and nice to look at.

    Sometimes you can say someone is cute or attractive without feeling any desire to want get to know that person further. It really all depends on the person who is saying it.

  • When I call a guy around my age or older cute it means they are attractive. When I see a guy/boy younger than me and I say they are cute I am saying as "AAWWW he is so adorable" way.


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