Why is she so pretty!?

There's this girl in my class who is so pretty! She always looks put together even when she's in sweats! She has a gorgeous smile, every guy in school agrees on the fact the she's gorgeous but not in the slutty way. in the she's so sweet and pretty/cute way. she really is a nice person though. her clothes are nice too, but not like louis vitton nice. still nice though.

my question is, how can I become that pretty? I mean I know genes play a part but how can I be more put together and neat?



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  • I know this girl exactly as you described. Her features are perfect. Skin flawless, huge pretty eyes, nice long lashes, straight nose and everything. I don't know her well but I heard people say she was a nice girl.

    I don't think I can ever be that pretty but I still try look my best. You've got to learn to accept that there will be girls that are prettier but also love yourself, and only then can others love you. If you have confidence, you'll be much more attractive than you perceive yourself right now.

    To look your best try:

    -eat more healthily; less greasy food and more veges and fruits

    -drink more water

    -use acne cleanser every 2-3 days

    -moisturise any dry skin

    -grow your hair right under your boob. perfect length imo. and brush it.

    With style, I think it's really what brings out YOUR personality most. What you think brings out you, not someone else. And also what looks good on you at the same time. You can make yourself unique in your own way and that way you shouldn't have to compare with other people. There's plenty of guys in the world. Not many girls are like the one you described but you've still got chance to bring out what's your most important quality:: your unique self. Goodluck. :) x


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  • Every girl has her own uniqueness, so don't try and be someone else, instead find your own unique talent and express it the best you can, this is the way you get those compliments, and only you can express your talents the way you do, no one can immatate it or it just looks stupid, so show the world the beauty you naturally have and gift them with the unique talent god gave you in the beginning, good luck,x

    • well thank you for that but I have trouble expressing myself because I don't have the patience to get up out of bed and put myself together the way I'd like too. how can I counter act that?

    • realise that effort creates perfection, no effort brings no glory, this should be enough motivation to look your best,x

    • thank you :)

  • Ask her to go with you clothes shopping! She's got good taste, maybe someone in her family to advise her on fashion...

  • plastic surgery, hire a stylist.

    • hire a stylist? what would a stylist help me with?

    • your looks. duh

      and clothes so that you look pretty

  • What do you do now?... and how would you explain her "look"?

    • wake up. put my hair in a pony tail. hoodie and jeans. out the door.

      her look is sort of feminine. effortlessly put together. cool colors. lots of dresses. sometimes wears jeans when it's the colder months. I dom't know if she wears foundation but if she does she is really good at blending.

  • If you have high dollar accessories and clothes and you cannot look as pretty as her now you will never be pretty like her ever

    • high dollar? you mean like cheap? expensive?

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  • To look more put together I suggest hitting up link for clothing ideas. The sets on that site can show you different ways to pair your clothing pieces that you would never have thought of before.

    As for makeup, I suggest https://www.YouTube.com/watch?v=d-XHPHRlWZk She has hundreds if not thousands of amazing tutorials. My mother never taught me how to put on makeup and I learned everything from her. I get compliments on my makeup looks often.

  • try to be clean. don't experiment too much with your looks

    -grow out your hair a bit below shoulder length and keep it trimmed and even,and make sure it looks healthy

    -keep your toe and fingernails clean,short (your fingernails should only be a bit longer than the tip) even and painted a natural color

    -keep your skin moisturized and clean,get rid of any acne

    -always remember to get rid of any unwanted hair,depilation isn't that hard,once a month and you're done

    -don't go overboard with your clothes,keep them cute and simple

    -keep your makeup to a minimum,natural and pretty

    -take care of your body,eat good food,workout daily,and only drink water-and lots of it

    now,many girls don't follow these rules and still look pretty,but this is pretty much a fool-proof plan for being attractive

  • maybe she is comfortable in her own skin and carrys herself well

  • hair, make up, good clothes

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