Do guys like this? (girls and boys)

Me and my boyfriend went out to go get dinner.that night before he picked me up I painted my nails hot pink.when I was drinking my soda he stared at my hands and pulled my left hand towards him and he was like "wow , your nails look really nice" and he was so amazed guys really notice the nails? And are they always amazed by how nice colored they are? Has any of your boyfriends compliment on how nice your nails look?


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  • it's one of those things I'll take notice of and when I see it I like telling her how they look pretty on her. if they're not colored though I don't get turned off like ughhh she didn't paint her fingernails this time..lazy whore!


What Girls Said 1

  • Some guys like it, some don't. Some just like finding something to compliment you on (in this case it could have been your nails). I personally cannot pain my nails (I paint my toenails but feell like a clown with my fingernails painted). I see other woman with their nails painted and it looks good, but on myself ... yuk.