If you continously wax your eyebrows will they grow back?

Say you've been waxing for 5 years every few months. Is it true your eyebrows will not grow back has thick has before? because in truth, waxing damages the growth of your eyebrows?

If not, how long can I expect my eyebrows to grow fully back?

I had a horrible waxing job, from a stink woman who had no idea what she was doing. Waxing usually takes 2 minutes. It took her a whole 10. She ended up cutting me in the process and I started bleeding. I wanted to shout out, "Can I please have someone do my eyebrows, who actually knows what they are doing?" I looked at my eyebrows in the mirror, "I don't like this" I said. She replied in her accent, "OK! FIVE DOLLA!" I was pissed.


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  • The hair follicle will always be there unless it's lasered away so they will grow back but it may just take a little longer if the follicles are damaged which is what may be happening to you!

    • How do the follicles become damaged? Is it from continous waxing or just recieving a bad job in itself? How to repair them if they are?

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    • Yes, she did a horrible job and was the 1st ever to do that to me. My eyebrows hurted me for a long time. I don't understand why some places hire people like that, that clearly have no idea what they are doing. Thanks for your answer.

    • Yeah it's stupid, with the amount of people who've had beauty therapy training nowadays you'd think salons would hire someone worth while and good at what they do.

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  • They're pretty resilient, though everyone is different.

    Yeah one botched wax job is that woman's fault, but waxing for five years would be your own fault if they never grow back, or grow back very sparse.

    I personally do not like very waxed eyebrows, and would not date a woman who has them if they are ridiculously waxed into two thin lines

    • Ive never gotten them thin like that (I hate that).

      I still have a good amount of eyebrow hair, it is just no where nearly has thick has it used to be.

      Maybe I will give it more time.

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  • I've had my eyebrows waxed probably around 6 times and it does come back but it just takes much longer to grow out than usual. Your eyebrow hair will grow out, it will just take time.

  • If you do it enough, the follicle will get damaged and eventually the hair will never grow back

  • you should try threading. it better than waxing. but go to a pro because they can seriously mess up ypur face if they aren't experienced.

    • I would think they are experienced if they have a nail salon which is advertising eye brow waxing.

      Its just sad I had to find out the hard way.

      Why is threading better than waxing? do they not have the same effect?

    • threading is good for sensitive skin. it deals with the hair itself not the skin like waxing does. the thread interacts with the hair and your skin is spared...if done right. I think that indians and iranians are good with threading since it came from their counteries. the lady I go to is irani and she even told me if you want to do threading, it helps if the person is indian or irani. I'm sorry about your horrible experience!

    • Ok that's great information, thanks. Maybe ill try it. I'm just trying to give my eyebrows a chance and see if they will grow back. They aren't thin, but they aren't has thick has they used to be.

  • waxing makes hair grown back thinner

    LOL @ the womans reaction