Why are people so obsessed with looks, body image and someone not being boring?

The title speaks for it's self! So why are we so superifcial? Why is

body image so important? And, who gets to decide if you're boring

or not?

I see questions on here, alot. About, looks, body image and how not to be boring! And, I have no idea why!?

Looks, yes they help! But, they shouldn't be the most important!

What happens if you're not born with the looks of a super model

or a studdly hollywood actor? You really gonna tell me that those

people never fall in love, because I beg to differ! What, are you gonna tell me that you'd rather have someone attractive, who can

be your arm candy! Over, someone who has a really good heart

and will love you forever no matter what?!

Body image, sure it's good to mantain a healthy weight, but only

so you don't drop dead of a heart attack at a young age! Who

cares if it looks good, if you're gonna be healthy, do it for that

reason, not for superficail ones! If a guy doesn't have abs and a

girl has some meat on her bones, there should be nothing wrong

with that! Everything in moderation, so as long as you don't over

do it, what's the big deal!?

Boring, is a word that people throw around here, way too much!

What one man or woman finds boring, another may not! So, to

tell someone to stop being boring, is just ridiculous! I honestly

believe that people fear what they don't know, so if a guy or girl

is on a date with someone and they don't know what there're

talking about. It's easier for them to say that person is boring,

then to just admit they don't understand! Here's an idea, instead

of that person changing everything about themselves to fit your

intellectual needs, why don't you just ASK THEM WHAT THERE"RE TALKING ABOUT! And, I'm sure they'd be a happy

to explain it to you! I'm just sayin, know body should have to

form themselves into the perfect mold for the opposite gender,

you as you are should be enough, and vicea versea!

That;s how I feel, now it's your turn!? Thanks! : )

Why are people so obsessed with looks, body image and someone not being boring?
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