Why are people so obsessed with looks, body image and someone not being boring?

The title speaks for it's self! So why are we so superifcial? Why is

body image so important? And, who gets to decide if you're boring

or not?

I see questions on here, alot. About, looks, body image and how not to be boring! And, I have no idea why!?

Looks, yes they help! But, they shouldn't be the most important!

What happens if you're not born with the looks of a super model

or a studdly hollywood actor? You really gonna tell me that those

people never fall in love, because I beg to differ! What, are you gonna tell me that you'd rather have someone attractive, who can

be your arm candy! Over, someone who has a really good heart

and will love you forever no matter what?!

Body image, sure it's good to mantain a healthy weight, but only

so you don't drop dead of a heart attack at a young age! Who

cares if it looks good, if you're gonna be healthy, do it for that

reason, not for superficail ones! If a guy doesn't have abs and a

girl has some meat on her bones, there should be nothing wrong

with that! Everything in moderation, so as long as you don't over

do it, what's the big deal!?

Boring, is a word that people throw around here, way too much!

What one man or woman finds boring, another may not! So, to

tell someone to stop being boring, is just ridiculous! I honestly

believe that people fear what they don't know, so if a guy or girl

is on a date with someone and they don't know what there're

talking about. It's easier for them to say that person is boring,

then to just admit they don't understand! Here's an idea, instead

of that person changing everything about themselves to fit your

intellectual needs, why don't you just ASK THEM WHAT THERE"RE TALKING ABOUT! And, I'm sure they'd be a happy

to explain it to you! I'm just sayin, know body should have to

form themselves into the perfect mold for the opposite gender,

you as you are should be enough, and vicea versea!

That;s how I feel, now it's your turn!? Thanks! : )


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  • I feel that your entire paragraph on looks is a perfect example of hypocrisy. You're saying that the only ones who are truly beautiful and pretty are the supermodels and the actors, and only they can be attractive.

    That is just wrong. In fact, I personally don't even find many of those actors attractive, and have absolutely no idea why other people are drooling at them.

    The reason why they seem more attractive is because more people know about them and say they're attractive - also their makeup that seems natural, and not as "make-up makeup".

    You should just check around and see some normal guys and girls around you who don't fancy themselves out and learn to admire natural beauty. That's what looks really are, not that bullcr-- from Hollywood and whatever, being size minus and stuff.

    Not to mention, looks are an important factor in attraction, just not in the way you mean it.

    You can just look at someone's face and physique and hear their voice - you'll immediately know if you can find them attractive or not. Or have you forgotten?

    • This is why I'm quiet person, every time I say something people twist it to be something that it's

      not! I never said anything about supermodels and actors being the only truly beautiful ones!

      I'm not obsessed with hollywood, don't really care to be honest! And, for the record I do know

      what true beauty is, I've seen in the real world! I think you misunderstood what I said!

    • Haha, that's possible - I'm a bit hazy as it's kinda late now :P

      The point was that supermodels and actors aren't much different than anyone else. The whole fascination with them is twisted. I'd almost dare say, there isn't even a "Hollywood actor" look - and the very concept of it is an error of culture. People should just be happy with who they are as they are - it's not like their looks will change for the better at any point. Facial structure and the like, I mean.

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  • I have to disagree. I think looks are the most important thing when you're young because that's what attracts you to the person. After the person passes those standards, personality is considered to seal the deal. I will admit that personality is one of the main reasons for caring about a person though none of it would be possible if their looks weren't sufficient.

    As for body image, I value it highly. For several reasons:

    1) I am in good shape and feel I can ask for the same in my partner.

    2) Good body image shows that the person lives a somewhat healthy / active lifestyle

    3) The most important is that I love the female figure. I can certainly appreciate the male figure too and only when you're in shape, can these figures be admired and enjoyed. Every overweight person has the same body - male or female.

    I agree with your boredom statements. I haven't been called "boring" but I know I seem boring to those who can't understand what I'm talking about.

  • Because they watch to much to f***ing tv.

    • They watch too much TV because 95% of parents are inadequate and sit their children in front of electronics to keep them occupied.

    • Yes, that is true. But they still watch too much f***ing TV, and the TV just brainwashes people into consumerism, hatred and stupidity. The mainstream media is disgusting, hence why I personally haven't watched television instead for the last 3 years.

      I don't think I missed out on anything.

  • Who wants to be with boring people?

    And who wants to have a plain-looking girlfriend?


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  • because where there is no love, true personal conviction and committment, what else is left but look, personality and entertainment (ie. not boring). however, I do have one caveat, if your date drones on and on about encyclopedia collection, that might become boring if he/she reherses every single line. So, sometimes, when people say boring, what they mean is that their date did not attempt to address or discuss issues of interest to them as well. I have talked with people who only talk about themselves, or only boyfriend/girlfriend stuff, or only etc. etc. I can converse on a wide range of topics, so it feels like we're just regurgitating and recycling the same stuff. It becomes boring, when no matter how you try to steer the conversation to any other topic, it goes right back to the encyclopedias.

    Also, we do watch too much TV, read dumb fashion mags, etc. etc.

  • Some people have low self-esteem and seem to think that some random internet people can fix them. It's so hard for some people to believe that someone out there will love them the way they are without having to change.

    With that being said, physical attraction is sometimes necessary because it leads to infatuation, which is typically one of the things that happens before love. You can't tell a straight man to fall in love with another man because the attraction is just not there. We need attraction to be drawn to people.

    • "Some" people have low self-esteem? I would be willing to wager that it's the majority.

    • Then what's the problem? She asked why people are so obessesed with looks and that ties into it.

  • we strive for the best!

  • its the medias fault