I need your opinions, is this nose ugly?

I have a nose similar to this. link

Except my bump is a little higher up and my whole nose is a tiny bit taller. I want to get plastic surgery, but some people say its fine. I'm so insecure about it, and I feel that men don't talk to me because of it. I need opinions. Thanks :)


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  • there will be people (real life friends or even some guys on here) who will say "hey, it's alright, not so bad, it's kinda sexy, don't worry" because they care about you and are scared to tell the truth.

    now, I'm gonna tell it straight - it's not looking good. and yes, this could be a reason why guys don't talk to you that much.

    on the long run, people who are saying that nose like that is OK, ain't doing you a favor. it's better to deal with this situation, fix it, and move on with your life focused on other stuff.

    my advice; study, work hard, save money, get a plastic surgery.


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  • It's not ugly, but it isn't cute either. It wouldn't be a deal breaker for me though. Besides, you look kinda cute (if that's you). Don't waste your money on plastic surgery. If a guy is going to be shallow over something so trifling, he isn't worth your time.

    • It's not me. It's someone's picture from google that is close to my nose shape:P

  • You'll be fine. Not that many people are going to avoid you because of your nose, and the ones that do, do you really want to be involved with them anyway?

  • It's not ideal. I'm trying to think of what it would look like from the front too. I don't think it's a big enough issue to men for you to be instantly disregarded if the rest of your face is cute.

    • I have dark circles too:/

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    • Yeah it sucks. I don't know what mine are from but I've had them since like middle school. The pores around my eyes are bigger too so it's fugly.

    • nahh. I honestly don't think they are bad on other people, it just seems worse on myself:P

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  • I've seen girls with that type of nose who get plenty of guy action.

    It's not the most beautiful nose in the world, but looks aren't everything.

    If you get older and want a nose job, just find someone who does a really good job, and just get it made a tiny bit smaller. Fake looking nose jobs are awful when they change it too much.

    But yeah, it's more down to how YOU feel about it, because from what I've seen, the nose is not the top issue on most guy's priorities.

    • p.s. my nose is not the best, either, but no one really cares. if they like you, they will say it's "cute" haha

    • I know. I really want to just get the bump taken off but leave the height. I love everything else, just the bump really bothers me. I've been told straight to my face that I'm ugly because of it so yeah.

    • whoever said that to you has an ugly personality, and no amount of cosmetic help can fix that! But you can always get the bump changed if you want :)

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