Which ear should I get this piercing on?

On my left ear I have my earlobes, tragus, and cartilage pierced.

On my right ear I have my earlobes, rook, and snug pierced.

I want to get my daith and helix pierced next. One on each ear.

My question is which ear should I get the daith on and which should I get the helix on?


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  • Whichever you want them to go! Don't think random internet people should tell you what to do.

    • Oh, I know. ha ha but I've been trying to decide what would look best because of the way some of them are on my ear.

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  • those are a lot of words to google.

    • Lol type ear piercings and a picture will pop up with all of them.

  • I'd need to see a pic of each ear lol.