Why do some guys think it's OK to comment on a girl's body?

last night I went out on a walk around my neighborhood and the college campus nearby. it was around 8 pm but it was still light out. the whole time I was walking I had my ipod in and was minding my own business. I was wearing shorts, a t-shirt (not low cut at all), and sneakers.

first when I was walking I heard a honk behind me. I turned around the guy driving smiled at me and gave me a thumbs up. I think he was saying he liked my ass. I thought that was rude to bother me like that. and gross because I'm 16 and he looked like he was 35.

then when I was on the campus a guy stopped and asked if I knew where a certain dorm was. I said I didn't because I didn't go there. he said OK, then looked me up and down and obviously zeroed in on my chest (again, wearing a regular crew neck t-shirt). then he said he was going to a party and asked if I wanted to go with him. I said no and kept walking.

i got thirsty and went into a convenience store on campus to grab a drink. while I was a line a guy said I had a "slammin bod" and asked if I was doing anything that night. I ignored him and left.

then on the way back home a guy in a truck at a red light honked at me when I crossed the street and told me I was "hot as hell". I ignored him too.

why do guys think this is appropriate? do they think it's going to get them anywhere? it sickens me that I can't even go outside for a walk without being seen as a sex object. and apparently heaven forbid if I wear shorts because it's 100 degrees out. I guess that means I want to be judged?


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  • Just based on my experience with douchey frat boys, some guys are practically trained to think it's a positive experience for a girl. Girls Gone Wild is an extreme example but some dummies just absorb it and don't give it a second thought. Some of them even do ponder it and what they think isn't rational, it's more like, "Well I'D like it if a girl cat-called me, so girls must like it when I do it." Like it's so hard to understand that other people aren't you. Women experience these things in a whole different way because of power dynamics, and oh yeah, the whole f***ing rape thing. Guys don't live in fear of that, unless they're in prison. For a guy, it would be no big deal, so if you don't educate yourself about it, you still think it's no big deal to women.

    For your less average, even more twisted guy, it's about power and feeling macho.

    • Finally, a male answer to this question that *isn't* completely ridiculous, narrow-minded and insulting to the QA. +1

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  • Good god, take the complements and get on with your life.

    You are a young healthy female, men will notice. It the way nature designed things, it is way the human race survives.

    • nature designed men to be disgusting pigs? the next time a guy says something like that to me I'm gonna turn around and give him a right hook. and if he complains I'm gonna say that nature designed my fist so I could punch him when he was rude to me.

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    • It's not a "compliment" when we can't walk to the store without being verbally evaluated by dudes.

    • Treat her like what?

      What is wrong with telling a girl she looks good?

      As I said, if a guy is making sexual comments it is one thing, I can see you getting upset.

      But is someone tells you you look good, or giving you the thumbs up sign. What is the problem?

  • because they think you are hot, isn't it obvious?

    • also because they want to tease you and they don't give a f*** what you or any body thinks

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    • they'll care when they have a black eye because of it.

    • why am I getting so many thumbs down? lol It's totally the truth...

  • Wow I feel so sorry for you that you have to carry this burden around with you. Your life must be really difficult.

    • you obviously need to read this: link

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    • First off the QA little dilema and racist bullying are two completly different things so you can't really compare the two. I don't know why people always go there. From what I read, all the guys who hit on her didn't really say anything to suggest there out to hurt her. @kearra- I enjoy annoying people who are doing/asking things that I feel aren't important.

    • It's easy to deem it "unimportant" if you have no idea what it's like.

  • I'd say those type of guys are hoping you're the type of girl who is all about having some "fun" and those kind of women don't really mind those types of comments because they're down for whatever. If I saw an attractive girl and felt so compelled to comment I think that I'd go for something that gives a better impression like telling her I thought she looked really pretty or gorgeous for whatever reason. Horny guys will be horny I suppose.


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  • We're just decorative vases, don't you know?

    I don't really understand the psychology behind it, either. Some are just douchebags who truly don't see women as people at ALL. Others think women are just dying to know their opinion of our bodies, because the media tells us that appearance is the most important thing about a woman. Others just... don't think at all.

    This is a good read: link Doesn't really answer your question but it personally made me feel less alone in my experiences with street harassment. I spent forever reading all of the comments.

    • reading this stuff makes me wanna cry and scream out in anger all at the same time. I hate that it happens to me but I hate even more than it happens to so many girls all over the world. it's so sad that our society is so depraved.

    • Ah sorry to bum you out even further >_<

      There are some good comeback ideas sprinkled throughout the comments that I've used a couple of times. It doesn't really help me feel less vulnerable, but it makes me feel better than staying silent.

  • Guys don't care because to them you aren't really people like them. Yeah sure you're human, but not someone with important feelings and emotions like they are. You're just some hot bitch walking around with a nice ass that he can judge. Not all guys, but a lot of them. Look, they are even defended by most guys getting mad at you for daring to be offended. You know what's funny? These same guys who think you shouldn't be getting mad at the attention, I bet they wouldn't have that same viewpoint if they were with their mom or sister and they saw someone treating her like that. THEN it would be different... Shouldnt that tell you something

  • i like when guys telll me stuff like that. I dress pretty skimpy at home, and I've heard my dads friends talking about my body when he isn't around. I love the fact that I turn them on, and having a guy undressing me with his eyes is a huge turn on for me.