Calling a girl cute?

Guys, what makes a girl cute? Is it the way she dresses, acts, carries herself, etc. And what kind of personality traits does a girl need to have to fall into the cute category? Would you date a cute girl?


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  • I think it's a combination of all of what you said. The wya she acts, the way she dress and her personality. When I call a girl cute it's because I find something about her that I like. It could be the way she has her hair done the way she smiles or if she is wearing something nice then I might give her a compliment by calling her cute or pretty etc. Besides her being cute if I was to date a cute girl I feel their would have to be other htings I like about her besides her cuteness. I think her personality would have to play a big part of it. for example if she can laugh at my jokes and if she enjoys my company and spending time with me. etc. Has guys ever complimented you or called you cute?

    • Thanks for the long answer! :) the guy I liked told me that he thought I was cute.

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    • Oh we were texting this conversation, so he already had my number haha. :) I thanked him and he said, "no problem :) I'm ugly" nd he's no where near ugly so I told him he was cute haha.

    • Haha. It sounds like it was a fun text conversation.Lol That is pretty cool that you complimented him back. Some girls don't give compliments back to a guy. That is good that you did.

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  • IT can be so many things. When a guy says a girl is cute, usually it just means he likes you.

    He might as well be saying "I LIKE CAKE!" because it really doesn't matter because all he's saying is he likes you.

  • I see "cute" as "dateable attractive" whereas "hot" is "I want to bang you" attractive.


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