Why would people keep telling me I have a not so pretty face?

I'm small framed on the scale I weigh 100lbs 5ft 6 but I look small not thin I have boobs 32 or 30 b and a butt that protrudes. My face is somewhat chubby for my size I have people making compliments about it. Now I have people saying I'm not that pretty and I need to do my hair I finally said who ask you. Why are they bothering me?

There is a bought one from dillards before its hard to find as well as a 28 size bra
I bought one lol its my brother account. Why are you trolling?


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  • I would suggest you stay away from whomever is rude enough to tell you "you are not that pretty", its just plain rude. Seriously, there are really not that many pretty or beautiful people and some times they have less than peaceful lives. Most of us are attractive enough. Forget the fashion magazines and reality TV, look around the grocery store, at the gym, Walmart on the street. Chances are you see people who are similarly attractive like yourself. A true friend and just decent people in general will tell you what flatters you without injecting comments about your attractiveness.


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  • 15?

  • probably bcs you're a 30-35 y/o male with a but that protrudes. lol ... I've never seen a pretty guy b4, even with a fat a*s and a 32 b cup. I'd be more offended at the people telling me I was "pretty" instead of the ones saying I was not. there is no such thng as a 30 b cup and you would know that if you were a woman. do I smell a troll?

  • Did you accidently post this question in your male account? Or do you actually have one boob bigger than the other?


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