What do you look for?

What are some things you look for in a guy/girl? What are some things you look for that you want them to have, and what are some that you look for that you don't want them to have? Also, if you like someone or are in a serious relationship with them, what are some good things you see in them, and what are some bad things you see in them?

Here are some examples, my answers to my own questions...

Some things I look for (to be there):

- Godliness

- Purity

- Friendliness

Some things I look for (not to be there):

- Hypocrisy

- Obnoxious/Loud

Good things I see in the girl I like:

- Beautiful

- Thoughtful

- Talented

Bad things I see in the girl I like:

- Shy (not necessarily bad, but hard to get her to open up)

- Stubborn (also no necessarily bad, but sometimes)

- Can be picky at times

So there are mine. What do you look for and see?


Most Helpful Girl

  • I look for a good sense of humour, good manners, someone who gets along with his family.

    I watch out for cockiness, heavy drinker, smoker, loud, vanity.

    Good things I see-loves his mum, a bit shy and a bit confident, beautiful eyes, enjoys life

    Bad things I see-plays mind games (maybe without meaning to), has the power to hurt me and has used that power (without knowing), confusing-doesn't know what he wants, will bend the truth to protect himself even when it hurts another person (me).


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What Girls Said 3

  • Things I look for: (I'm really going to get picky)


    Polite (I like a guy that says yes ma'am and yes sir when talking to older people)


    A little wild side, can party

    Attractive (Nice smile, taller than me, dark hair usually)

    Things I DON'T want to see:



    Bad mouthed (cusses a lot)




    I also like a guy who has great taste in a wide variety of music, singing is a huuuge turn on, playing an instrument is too (piano or guitar especially), I want a guy with a little bit of geek and is a little shy about that part. I find it so cute. And I go nuts over an accent. ahh

    SO I know I got all specific but I could go on for ages listing other traits. haha, I guess I just spend a lot of time thinking about this.

  • Things I like:




    Things I don't like:



  • Things I Look For:

    -Sense of humor

    -Down to earth

    -Creative side




    -Family Oriented

    -Great Personality

    Things I Don't Look For:








    i liike this one:)


What Guys Said 2

  • I'll just use your layout, it seems the easiest and straight to the point.

    Some things I look for (to be there):

    - Fun to hang around with, and talk to

    - Creative

    - Overall a good, down to earth person

    Some things I look for (not to be there):

    - Self-absorbant / Self-centered

    - Close-minded

    - Shallow

    And I can't say I really like anyone right now, so I'll just use a few of my own I guess.

    Things that aren't personality traits I find attractive:

    - Loves music (Plays an instrument is a huge +)

    - Has cute eyes

    - Gamer

    And I don't want to do one of personality traits that I find unnatractive, I find it mean =(.

    • Cool. I did a negative list of traits simply for comparison. Right now I'm trying to think of all the reasons I like her and all the potential relationship obstacles we might have if I were to pursue it -- hence the negative list.

  • i agree with all of those and I like it when a girl's cute, pure , and shy , than hot, prideful, and boastful. I hate it when the girl has bad manners like burps or stuff like that. also I love it when a girl and just make long instances of eye contact. must have an athletic body, and never over controlling. I like girls who are goal oriented and have dreams and just enjoy life and don't try to push the boundaries of stuff. also I love it when girls take the initiative like for example, ask you out, kiss you, hold your hand etc