How do you know when you're ugly? First impression.

I know personality plays a huge role in if someone's attractive or not, but I mean off of first impression. How to know by a guys first moves, or lack there of?

How do you know if you're attractive to guys based on their first actions?

What if there aren't any actions taken or looks?


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  • Looks are part of the equation, no doubt about it, but no girl is attractive to every guy, no matter what she looks like. Every girl is going to have a set of guys who find her attractive, a set of guys who don't, and a group who need to know more about her personality to decide, meaning, they're okay with her looks, they just want more info about HER.

    And a lot of physical attractiveness is not intrinsic beauty but packaging. If you dress conservatively, or boyish, or awkwardly, then many guys will dismiss you, even though a chance of dress may get you a ton of attention. Same girl, different look = different results. It's kind of like the movie She's All That.

    But personality is a big factor too. If guys look at you and you don't appear to be fun and open-minded and so forth, they might dismiss you even though you are physically attractive. If you're shy, you may often come across as cold, uninterested, or even condescending without realizing it, and that's going to make you unattractive, or at least not very approachable, and has nothing to do with your looks.

    Anyway, without pics or a more specific question, I'm not sure what else to tell you.


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  • You can't rate yourself by how others act around you because your personality and body language effects how others act toward you. If I think you are hot, and your body language tells me to stay away I will not approach you. If I think you are ugly and your body language tells me you are friendly and approachable then I might start talking to you. If you are not being approached much, it is likely your body language and not your looks.

  • For me, I'll typically look at you at lot and maintain that 'gaze' for longer periods of time that would seem casual. I tend to smile a lot too

    • Do you let her see you staring?

    • Depends on how confident I am feeling :P

      I purposefully let her notice that I may be staring a bit longer than normal if I am feeling brave or I'd like to actually give it a shot. I am a pretty shy guy though so...I am a lot more subtle and pretty unsuccessful at dating or letting girls know I find them attractive.

  • if nobody wants to get caught looking at you that's a giveaway. Can't see personality from across a room

  • "Ugly" as with "beauty" is a subjective term. As such not every guy will react the same or even consider the same things attractive or not attractive. A guy may look you over to determine if they consider you attractive but some are more obvious about it than others. It also depends on what they favor, a leg guy with look at legs, and so forth.

    • And if you get nothing?

    • I agree with the answer. I for some reason find the more 'average' looking girls more attractive because I know I can more easily relate to them. I just find the barbie's soo...fake in a way. So in my case, average but beautiful smile, and you have got yourself a good chance.

    • No looks by a specific guy or none at all? If it's not by a specific guy? then you're just not his type, no looks by anyone? just means you're not being perceptive enough to catch the ones that ARE looking. See as long as you take pride in your appearance and carry yourself with confidence, someone WILL take notice.

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  • If he stares, that's a really good sign!

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