Difference between curvy and just plain fat?

So I just get a little confused. My body type personally has been described as skinny but still curvy. I have a flat stomach and toned legs but my hips are wide and I have a nice butt that sticks out. So most men say the prefer curvy women, and when I think of curvy women I think of beautiful women like Kim Kardashian or Beyonce. But I see tons of actually fat women posting all this sh*t about how men love curves but to me they just seem fat. Like rolls and just lumpy. I was watching TV and this thing about a "curvy" women beauty pageant. I think its a good idea, because usually beauty queens gave more of the "barbie" figure so its nice for the women who don't to have a chance. But all the participants could be considered obese.

Could someone please clear this up? Is curvy just a nice word for fat or does it literally mean curves. I hear different ways all the time!


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  • it means a woman with feminine curves. her waist is a lot smaller than her hips and she doesn't have a big round belly. she probably has fairly large boobs and or butt as well. she has the curves that are feminine and attract men.

    any sized woman CAN be curvy, if she has that hourglass shape.


    fat and chunky women who really do not have this shape just use this to make themselves feel better. but fat is not curvy. some heavier women may be curvy if they are genuinely shaped this way, but many fat girls use it, in my opinion incorrectly.


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  • It really means curves and you right in naming people like kim, beyonce nicki minaj and the like as being curvy. I also see curves as a contrast in the body measurement (I.e chest, waist,hips) in either a pear or hourglass shape aswell as being top or bottom heavy (or both).

  • Kim Kardashian looks OK but if she opened her mouth to say something stupid I would be gone, (hate idiotic famous people with a passion).

    If a woman has a nice looking ass and big t*ts due to it, its curvy how much stomach fat etc just kinda starts making that obsolete. This girl had a decent looking ass in yoga pants and big t*ts with a bit of stomach fat but not much not rolls or anything, wore tight shirts and didn't seem to be very much there.

  • Curvy: link

    Fat: link

    • There's a pretty big difference between those two. What is somewhere in the middle considered?

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    • I agree with those pictures, but most of the worn I hear callin themselves "curvy" look like the latter picture.

    • Well - they are lying. Abusing the word "curvy"

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