First trip to Ulta - NYX Shadow review?

Hey girls-

I'm taking my first trip to Ulta, Saturday. I've heard that its a great store for cosmetics. I have a question - I seen that the Ulta store carried product brands such as NYX. I've never tried NYX shadows, are they good? If you had to compare them to ELF which one would you prefer? I purchased some ELF not too long ago, and they weren't pigmented at all and I hate them. So is NYX the same way?


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  • Not at all NYX eye shadows are amazing they are pigmented and are compared to a lot of higher end brands especially MAC I would suggest trying them out and elf has come out with a lot better quality things .I love ELF and they are so inexpensive it depends wish shadows you get as with a lot of brands they have some hits or misses. Hope I helped if you have any questions on makeup you can message me lol


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