Bad haircut / hair day stories?

Yesterday I had one of the worst haircuts of my life. Note to self: remember to actually f*cking tell the hairdresser what haircut you want before they start shaving your head! Well haha, that's exaggerating a lot. But I did get the shortest haircut I've had in a very, very long time. And it makes me look way younger than I actually am, which I hate (huge problems with looking young my whole life till about last year when I finally at least began to grow a bit of a beard so I can look a bit older). It could've been a lot worse but I still hate it. Not that I'm blaming the hairdresser - it was my fault for being too dumb to remember to actually tell the person what I wanted haha.

You guys have any funny/interesting/cringe-inducing stories about bad hair (anywhere on your body too ;) )?

Also, just wondering, say a girl kind of liked me but didn't really know me well, and then saw me with a bad haircut. Would that change things very much? I was gonna ask her out... should I wait till I don't look more than a couple years younger than her and much less unattractive haha? Keep in mind she almost never sees me, so if she saw me with this haircut I have a feeling she could somewhat forget what I looked like without this bad hair and assume her tastes have changed or something if she didn't find me attractive with this hair. Or maybe I'm just being paranoid haha. (This question is for the poll, figured I may as well ask it.)

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  • Doesn't matter if you have bad hair right now, ask her out anyway, soon
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  • Ugh, like a month or two months ago I had my hair cut. Never again. My crazy hairdresser chopped off like 5-6 inches, and added some random, weird layers. It was pretty awful, and I've decided I'm never cutting it again... or going anywhere near her. To answer your other question, whilst hair length isn't all that important, maybe leave it a week or two before asking her out. That'll give your hair enough time to look slightly better (only slightly). But, she might have other admirers so... I don't know, maybe you should ask her out on a date anyways. Then you could bring up your awful experience :p

    • Goin for the Guinness World Record for longest hair eh? :P

    • Oh, yeah. You'll be hearing about me soon enough :)

    • Well, it's not like I know who the current holder is... haha

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  • I cut my own hair and nothing too bad has happened, haha. But ugh one time I was sleeping at a friend's house and he cut a tiny patch of my hair to the scalp right in the middle of the hairline on my forehead. It's impossible to grow out because it looks ridiculous at just an inch long, let alone longer than that. So I've had to keep it completely trimmed down for years now.

    Anyway about your issue! Just proceed as normal :) If I "kind of like" a guy, a haircut isn't going to change that. If I were you I would make a funny remark about your hair just to acknowledge that it wasn't on purpose, haha.

    • Haha oh my god, yikes. Why not grow it all out now that it's all the same length? Or at least, wait till it's all at the right proportional length and then grow it all out?

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    • I did totally try that and nothing could tame it! My goddamn hairs are too thick. Whaaatever, I don't think it's super noticeable without a bright red circle pointing it out (maybe that's wishful thinking).

    • Nah it's definitely not noticeable. Even with the red circle, at first I saw nothing wrong with it, and even once I kinda noticed that it was trimmed down, I still didn't see much at all wrong with having it like that.

  • Yea when I was little I was sitting on my sister's back when she was watching tv. I saw a pair of scissors in my reach, grabbed them and started chomping away at the back of her head. By the time she realized what I was doing it was too late...the back of her head was messed up and I didn't get in trouble because I was too young and didn't know what I was doing at the time. But I think I actually helped her because she has the most her out of all us up to this day!

    • Lol damn, not even a time out? :P

    • Nah..i was so young I only remember my mental sisters actually told me it descriptively like it was yesterday...

  • Actually I get stressed every time I have my hair cut:-). If you still feel confident with your haircut then definitely ask her out if you feel something is wrong then wait for a bit till you get used to your new look

    • What helps is if you have a hairdresser you know does a good job, and you go to them regularly. That way it's easier for you and them - they can simply remember what you want, and you don't have to be as stressed out :)

    • Yes :-) its so true. But I guess one of the problems is wet hair look longer (and my hair dresses always washs my hair before cutting) and when the hair get dried that become somehow much shorter:-) than you wanted. Recently I decided to cut my hair according to lunar calendar:-)

  • Haircuts change things up heaps so don't ask her till you're happy with it.

    I've only had one good haircut since I remember going to hairdressers so I've learnt to cut my own hair and that's working out great. The one haircut that went well... well it was too annoying to maintain so that's why that failed.


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  • My story is I also got a really bad haircut. Long story short I called the cops. The cop told me to read the sign. I did & he said it doesn't read "God Haircuts" $25- pay her

    • Yikes haha. Yep, a bad haircut isn't really a reason not to pay someone (even if you're feeling really bad about it). You got the service, regardless of the quality (especially cause quality like this is subjective).

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    • "Just a trim to neaten my hair"

    • Yikes haha.