How do I tone down my professional/mature image?

People often ask me if I work at some bank or if have some sort of full-time job. They treat me as if I'm some information bank, and people expect too much from me.

It's irksome, and probably puts me out of place with all my college they rarely do approach me

The other day, a random student at college thought I was one of the professors...argh!

How can I look less "professional" and more college-student like?

I don't wear high heels to class or tailored blouses or anything of that sort, although I should say I do take at least 20-30 minutes in the morning just to coordinate my outfits.

thing is, I believe my appearance doesn't really accurately reflect my true inner maturity level :/

maybe I just naturally look like a born leader...
and no, I've already tried wearing sweatshirts and sneakers, still doesn't work.


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  • I really don't know for sure... I would recommend just trying to wear brands that are more trendy among college students, or at least dress similar to them... don't dress too professionally. Also don't be afraid to let loose just a little bit (don't do anything you aren't comfortable with), but just show others that you have a fun side too.

    Above all tho, just be yourself. :) Maturity is a good thing... far too many people lack it these days, lol.


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  • I wish I actually knew what you looked like, so I could give you valid advice. Maybe, you just look all put together, and you probably have a professional hairstyle? Oh, and do you wear glasses? maybe that's it:)

    • no, I don't wear glasses, and yes to hair- I can't say that I leave my hair as a mess when I leave the house!...I'll either make it wavy (beach-y look) or use a curling iron.

      I know a picture is worth a thousand dollars, but no can do, sir.

  • What do you wear?

    • Like I said, I'm casual!

      my signature fall style is sorta like this, minus the heels and my jeans are slightly darker and not as tight--> link

      I tend to wear a lot of low-key, earthy colors, that could be part of the problem...

      Maybe I should put some 'umph' and color into my outfit and stop shopping for classy clothing from boutiques.

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    • most probably...:/

    • Huh?

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  • wear jeans with holes in them, you know the trendy kind. then wear a t shirt with a band name or a muppet on it. neon flip flops if it's hot out and uggs if it's cold. maybe vans if it's medium.

    don't forget the jelly bracelets!

    no one will think you're a professor or work in a bank then! haha.

    • ahahahaha...i've thought of that, but really I don't think that type of clothing represents my character...i'm not a wild and rowdy college girl, I'm just reserved and shy, and quite simple

      you know what... I'm just going to stick to my style (low-key) because that's what I am, but I don't know why people mistake me for a professional when my style is really down to earth and low key? hmmm, maybe because of my height and body type, and how my hair is styled.

      oh well...

    • I've met a lot of shy mature girls who dress like that. Their personality still shows, it's just that they look their age. I'm not saying you should change your style, though. Even if you wore all that stuff, people might still ask you for directions and see you as the *smart* kid because of your personality. I say milk it for what it's worth haha.

  • Keep the style. It's part of who you are. Be less co-ordinated. And don't be so serious. Change posture. Loosen up. What colors do you wear?

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