Guys, what is the most attractive thing about a girl?

physically what is the first thing that draws you to a girl? and what about their personality is a turn on?


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  • Physical:

    -Body (especially around her stomach). are her curves proportional and is she in shape.

    -Her ass. I love a tight, fit, and proportional butt.

    -Her eyes

    -Her smile

    -Her hair. is it smooth and stylish. I don't like frizzy hair.

    -Legs. Like her butt, I like them to be toned, fatty thighs are not a turn on.

    -Skin. Smooth and radiant. Just makes me want to lick her entire body.


    -is she playful. I don't like girls who can't take a joke

    -Is she smart. Dumb blond types like paris hilton.

    -is she lady like. Girls who cus like sailors and act like a boy is not a turn on

    -A bit reserved. I don't like girl who are too load and obnoxious.

    -is she kind to me and everyone else or is does she act like a stuck up bitch.

    -Does she like kids

    -Does she have good family values.

    -She has the right level of sexuality. I want a girl who isn't a prude, but I don't want a slut either.

    -Do we simply get along or do we fight about everything

    -Do we share common interests like music, sports teams, games, TV shows, etc.


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  • Her eyes and the way she carries herself as a woman, and yes, personality is always a great thing to have, especially a nice friendly one,x

  • Body first, then her personality then her psychical condition... I seem to fall for girls that are playfull too

  • Her face, and then her body.

    In her personality, it's her sense of humour - the dirtier the better.

  • Physically I like eyes and the lips most and personality I like a girl that can laugh and be silly just have a good time.

  • easy on the eyes; her compassion or her flirtation

  • physically:

    -hair... I don't really care how she wears it, but like there are certain colors that I like more than others, I really like red heads (not like orange... RED) so a girl with red or like reddish hair will always catch my eye. but ofcourse I have no problem with other colors if I like other things about them.

    -eyes... nice eyes definitely draw me in.

    -ass... I like a nice ass to look at and grab lol...


    -i can't stand girls who are needy... I want a strong girl who could be independent but chooses to be with me because she likes me, not because she feels empty without a bf.

    -cant really stand girls who cry too much, obviously crying with a real reason isn't a problem but when a girl cries herself to sleep because a customer at work was a little mean to her or something its not cool.

    -definitely enjoy a girl with a similar sense of humor to me. I can be a real a**hole... but its usually because I find it fun, and if a girl doesn't like the way I act when I'm trying to have fun then it completely takes ANY fun out of my life...

    -also if a girl is into the same things as me (computers and cars) it would definitely be a HUGE plus


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  • The way she presents herself, the way she holds herself. Her smile and eyes. Personality wise confident, loyal, trustworthy

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