He acts like he doesn't even care?

I have been friends with a guy for a year before he called me and said I need tto talk to you. We went out and he told me that he is going to be out of country for 6 months, but before going he wanted to ask me if I would date her. I answered that I can not predict what I will do in 6 months but that I am interested in dating him 60%.He has been calling me since then on the weekends (he says I don't wanna waste your minutes).However, I have been very frustrated with how he acts.

first I need to say that he is 13 years older than me .

I feel like I am always waiting for the weekends just because of him but if he cannot reach me for any reason , he will not try as hard as I would if I were in his shoes. For example, I have told him several times that I have enough min and it is ok for him to call me week days but he still refuses and says he can wait. So I get impatient.

Then, we talk via yahoo and facebook. WeAlmost everyday we put offline messages for each other in yahoo. He gets online in his facebook, but sometimes he doesn't bother to check his yahoo! I feel like I am constantly waiting to read his messages but he does not care enough to open his yahoo messenger. ( I know that he is not sure that I have put him offline messages, but shouldn't he at lease open the damn thing and check it?)

So this is my story.

I am getting more and more impatient every day. I know he likes me but he acts like he doesn't even care if he can't reach me after a whole week or receive messages from me)

ps : I have never acted like I am mad about all these that I have described. So, no. He doesn't think that I am needy :)

Please help me about what to do :(


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  • Well, givin the calling thing, I feel that if this guy was REALLY into you, he would be calling you and not too worried about the minutes. You or he could always change your calling plans to allow more minutes or unlimited. I have Verizon and my boyfriend has another carrier... I got a bill for almost 300 going over minutes since he's not a Verizon carrier. I love him, so I sucked it up... big deal... Talking to him is worth more than the money to me.

    If I were you and you trully like this guy... instead of wasting your time, I would discuss things with him. Maybe set up some schedule so you can really talk to each other... However, I would also weigh your options.. he's in another country... you aren't exclusive... so go and play the field... don't wait around for him... and then take it from where it is when he gets back. Why get yourself all worked up for a relationship you aren't committed to... nor for someone you don't see.?