Guys originally wore skirts (mainly kilts) and were the first ones to wear heels

What changed? Why is it now unfeminine for girls to wear pants (when it was originally a feminine idea). Why don't men wear skirts or heels (except maybe the Scottish/Irish wearing kilts)


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  • the same reason its no longer common for women to walk around with hairy legs and armpits, and now no hairy pubes either.

    culture and politics, it all evolves over time and you get whatever bag of crap that you get. time changes things. this was a pretty obvious question.

    • Obvious in the sense that you just restate what I said, I want to know WHY it happened

    • I just told you why. If you're looking for the specifics of HOW this in particular changed, then you can research that on your own. but the why is obvious again - change in the direction of society, culturally and politically over hundreds of years, gender roles, political motives in reshaping femininity and masculinity, etc.

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  • Don't know how or why it happened but I know that some guys can wear a skirt and look great. Same for us, we can wear tight jeans and rock the place... You should try to wear skirts and see how it feels. No need to go with the crowd !


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  • Dey tuk ar clothes!