mainly GUYS, what do you think about a girl wearing eye make-up? like how much and what kind and colors do you prefer?

personally I hate it when girls wear a lot of black eyeliner around their eyes and I try to have my make-up look as natural but pretty as possible.

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  • Just a little & light colors are what I prefer
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I love how 3 girls so far voted "the more the better," which is why I wanted guys to mainly answer this question. so...guys?


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  • I prefer a more natural look. Make-up, IMO, should enhance or perhaps smooth or cover, but not distract. When you look at a girl and one of the first things you think is, "She's wearing make-up," then it's either too much or not well done in my opinion.


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  • I agree with regular-guy. I like little to no make up. With the exception being doing something fun with bold colors for a night at the dance club or something like that. (heavy eye shadow and or bold lipstick)


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  • from what I hear, guys what girls to look as real as possible, no smoke and mirrors, just you. what's the point of liking someone, but when they take the makeup off, you don't recognize them anymore.

    • I agree! And it's not just that they look totally different with their make-up off but that when they wear a lot of it that's all you see which at least to me is usually just scary-looking.