Girls, is it better to make sure an extremely hot guy doesn't know that you absolutely love his face?

Do you ever feel like you need to make sure really hot, 10/10 type guys don't know that you think they're gorgeous?

Here's what I have learned; Really hot guys know they are hot. They've usually been told way too much that they are attractive. Esepcially if they were always attractive growing up. If that's the case, they have probably used that attractiveness to manipulate others. Using their face to be manipulative has become a behavioral pattern that is set in their personality. Not only that, but they're used to having girls trip over their own feet and act like little school girls over them. So do you think it's just better not to let them know that you think they are absolutely gorgeous?


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  • No, it's better to let them know. If they know it, like you say they do, then they also know that you know it. So to avoid it and not bring it up concedes the point to them. You are afraid to mention it, because you know they have the upper-hand.

    By mentioning it, you bring things out into the open. They still have the upper-hand in the sense of being a 10, but at least they cannot ambush you with it. You have taken away their ability to cloak their statements and behavior with it.

    The key is not to make a fuss over it. You can bring it up and mention it, but you don't need to point it out every day with statements of praise and worship. That doesn't make him feel any better about himself so much as it makes the other person look desperate and unequal.

    The key to fighting a stronger opponent is to keep control of the situation, fight for time and opportunity not for a single blowout victory. This isn't a fight, but the same idealogy applies to the way you phrased the question.


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