How do you know if you're pretty to others?

Does anybody objectively know if they are pretty just by looking at a self-pictures of themselves?

Are photos accurate?

Is it measured by the amount of male attention you get in class, outside, in public, wherever? (which I somehow doubt, as I see a lot of mediocre looking girls hanging out with guys in campus)

Without posting a picture and having others rate you on the internet, how can you tell, or can you just feel it?

Also, another unrelated question, why do I look better in pictures when my face is close-up than when my face is further away from the camera? Anybody experience the same thing?

Anybody have thoughts as to what dictates if you're attractive, no I don't want to hear the whole, if you think you're pretty, then you are cliched phrase...:0p


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  • I think I'm relatively attractive. I mean of course I have those days where I feel like sh*t. But, I don't need verification from others to tell me otherwise. Yes, male attention is nice and flattering, but it doesn't change the way I feel about myself. Plus everyone has different taste or preferences of what they find attractive so


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  • I think I am cute. What I think should override what others think as pretty. Sometimes it doesn't.

    It would depends on what day it is, and on who compliments me on me being pretty.

    • IOW, self esteem matters more?

    • Yeah, self esteem play as BIG part. If you don't think you're pretty, then you wouldn't think others find you attractive either. It's a mindset thing.

      I am still working on it. I am slowly getting better.

  • i know I look good based on the amount of dirty looks I get from girls

    • Really?

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    • ...okay. I don't think all girls are that blatantly hostile towards pretty woman...aren't some friendlier to attractive women?

    • No no not everyone ofcourse. Not all girls are like that, but they ones that are, are easily spotted

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