How do I apply makeup correctly?

I want to start wearing makeup, but just a little.

I don't really know how. I don't want it to really look like I'm wearing any though.

My face is slightly oily, mostly on my nose. I have moles (that I don't want to hide). I have a few small acne scars. My skin tone is fairly even. I have blackheads.

I don't have high cheekbones - my face is pretty feature less - but I would like it if it looked a little more like I had high cheekbones.

Any tips? Or good websites? Or pictures to help me?

What kind of make up should I even be wearing?

Also, I have a low budget.


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  • Avoid this


    Go for something like this


    The real trick with make up is simply wearing enough and in the right shades to accentuate your features without over playing them.

    How do ya do that?

    First things first - figure out what colors look good on you

    If your of Fairer complexion - " Earth " tones are usually best; these are your bronze's, beige's, peach, and pink like colors.


    For foundation and all that, find a shade that is closest to your skintone ( lighter is better than darker,)

    Apply with light layers at a time, put underneath the eyes, chin, between the brows, and a little on top of the cheek area. These parts of your face are naturally highlighted in general, so smoothing them out will significantly enhance the " glow " of your face.


    Eyeliner is your best friend here lol - different colors can enhance the color of your eyes.

    Color Scale:

    Blue eyes - Warm shades of gold / bronze / browns help to really make blue eyes pop.

    Green eyes - Deep shades of purple and brown complement green eyes very well.

    Brown Eyes - ( I was actually surprised to hear this one,) but deep shades of blue, green, and grey enhance brown eyes. A nice line of black liner helps make dark brown eyes appear more light as well.

    Grey Eyes - Are typically universal, but brought out best by shades of brown and blue.

    Applying the liner;

    Depending on what look going for - lets say this is just casual, you'll want to line the upper lid of your eye with a darker color, not black though, like a dark brown, and then the lower lid with nothing or an even lighter brown.

    This will create a nice definition to your eyes without making it seem so harsh and edgy like a hard black line creates.

    Play with your colors; always use bright colors like blues / greens in good modesty, as these are the colors that can easily push you into the " clown make up category."

    I never use colored eyeliner with color eyeshadow - it comes off being a bit too much.

    If you have smaller deepset eyes, all you really need is a line of color on your top eyelid.


    Go after colors like peaches, nudes, ivory's, reds for your lips if you are Fair Skin

    Shoot for burgundy's, maroons, browns, sheers if you are darker complexion ( also for darker complexions if you have big lips, lining the lips with liner first brings them out well.)

    Always pair a color with a gloss when you want to bring out your lips as a feature - if not, a little gloss helps to make color matte stick longer. Like a top coat :D

    • oh just for credentials, my aunt is a make - up artist :P

    • ok. Thank you for the very thorough answer. :D

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    • I'm afraid to click on either link. Especially the first one.

    • They are both YouTube links.

      The first link is the Simpsons cartoon video making light of the subject.

      The second one is a practical Jenna Marbles tutorial. Jenna has a Masters degree from Boston University but found her calling on YouTube (among other media) where her direct and no-nonsense self-deprecating humor has attracted hundreds of millions of views.

      The video linked is more of a behind the scenes serious vid rather than entertaining one. She did make entertaining vids re makeup

  • YouTube Michelle Phan


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  • YOUTUBE tutorials! Look for natural makeup looks and reviews for good products.

    Maybe get some concealer, mascara, and lipgloss to start.

  • You should watch 'AndreasChoice on YouTube