Suggestions on eyeshadow colors I should use?

ok so my dress is teal with a kind of belt /waistband that is black with gold links around it... I don't wanna be too matchy matchy and do a teal gold and black eye makeup... so what colors should I use?

it's a dress similar to this dress except it has thin straps on both shoulders : link

with a belt or waistband like this around the waist: link

except it's not a bracelet it's longer and without those letters on it

i am wearing a gold high heels and a gold big bracelet and long earrings that are gold and black

really need suggestions with the eye makeup... don't wanna be over matchy with my outfit


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  • Well I've always been known to do crazy stuff with my makeup. It here's a few suggestions

    Neutral colors. The dress sounds classy, and you can't go wrong with matte browns, beige, and a highlight color. Use some black liquid liner, mascara, and maybe a fun colored lipstick such a bright pink, coral, or even red.

    Fuscia eyeshadow. I have several pink eyeshadows that look great with various green and blues. Use a neutral color right above crease, and blend a pink on the lid upward into to it. You can highlight the corners of your eyes with gold, or white (used sparingly), and blend the pink with either a darker pink or a purple in the crease. Keep your lips simple. General rule is to either focus on the lips or eyes, not both (I'll admit to doing both sometimes so I guess you can try it if you want)

    Smoky eyes. Personally I'm not a huge fan of plain black eyeshadow for this- its too flat. You can mix black with another color such a purple, teal, or green to give it some depth, or you can buy a really dark, almost-black version of one of these colors to use as the shadow color. Use a highlight color in the corners of your eyes to help make them pop.

    Hope this helps!


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  • I would use a pink pearl color all over your lids, and dark(but not to dark) brown on your crease then use a nude color as a highlight. I would also suggest the eye shadows to be shimmery/sparkly so that it compliments the gold on the belt. Hope this helped (:

  • gold eyeshadow with taupe and brown in the crease neutral smoky eye

  • Is this for something at night? If so, you could do a sexy smoky eye with grey, dark brown, and a smidge of black eyeshadow and black or dark brown liner. You could even add in some blue to the smoky eye if you wished. If you wanted to add in some gold, I'm sure you could use a gold colored highlight on your eyes, glittery gold liquid liner, lipgloss/lipstick with flecks of gold, or a blush with gold shimmer. Have fun :)