Why did he say that?

I have naturally brown hair and I dyed a pink streak in it, its the smallest streak ever and can easily be covered because I like my natural color too I just wanted to try something new.

My best guy friend (who I like like so I take his opinion personally) told me it was upsetting that I was changing my appearance so much, I don't think I am all I have is my ears pierced once, my tragus pierced and now my hair but every time I do something like that he seems to get upset and asks me not to change myself, why does he do that? because he told me he could never like me the way I like him?


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  • he doesn't sound like a good friend...I dyed my hair green once for sh*t and giggles and although my friends would joke around about my hair, they were never serious about it or made it sound like there was something wrong with me.


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