Excessive sweat problems?

okay, so don't get all creeped out, my clothes aren't sopping with sweat... I just seem to sweat ALL the time. hot weather I sweat, mid temperature I sweat, but I'm even sweating a whole lot in absolutely freezing weather!

currently where I live it is winter, and I am always cold no matter how many layers I wear. (and due to my thin body/low amount of body fat I find it really difficult to keep warm.)

I often wake up in the middle of the night absolutely DRENCHED in sweat, and it's a really disgusting feeling.

I've tried various types of deodorant, both roll on and spray... and have even recently tried out a pricey 'clinical protection anti antiperspirant' ... but it didn't do any difference.

I'm always scared that I smell bad,and I'm also beginning to fear getting too close/intimate with people. it sucks.

if anyone has any advice, I would appreciate it :)


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  • It's a medical issue. Talk to your doctor.


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  • its a medical issue you should see your doc. he/she could help you more then anyone on GaG :)

  • I am the same way there is a name for the condition but I forget what it is. I also wake up in the middle of the night and have to change my clothes I'm so sweaty. I've heard of a preseadure where they could remove some of the sweat glands that cause you to sweat too much. I think its time you go to the doctors and see how they can help you.