What's the difference between a 9 and 10?

i don't understand the whole number scale thing people use to rate others.

what constitutes a person being a 9 or 10? what's the big difference? links of pictures would be nice

thanks :-)


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  • that's why I don't like scales lol

    I mean, 10 should equal perfect right?

    but humans can't be perfect anyway.. ^-^

    • thats EXACTLY what I mean! lol

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  • there's no difference. it just about how well you eat that day.

    there are just 4 categories

    - disgusting

    - nah

    - maybe I would bang if I would be horny enough

    - I would def bang her

  • $10.00. On a good day!

  • The scale is different for every guy. But generally, a "9" is the equivalent of the hottest girl you know in real life. A "10" is celebrity/model-hot - absolute physical perfection (A-list Hollywood actresses and Victoria Secret models).

  • Easy. 10 doesn't exist, or at least I haven't met her and don't think I will. No one is perfect, so I don't give out that score.

    I do however give fractional scores, so the difference between 9 and 9.1 would be a harder question...

    • Generally speaking, to get a score above 9 you'd need to be at least as hot as Jennifer Love Hewitt was in her Party of Five days.

  • For me, a 10 is just a 9 with zero imperfections on her body at all (scars, fat, etc.). I'd say that Adriana Lima is a solid ten. :)

    • she is freakin gorgeous

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