Girls! What makes you think that a guy is hot when he walks in a classroom?

I'm in college. And I want to get girls to think I'm hot as soon as I walk into the classroom.

So, what would make the girls want me right from the first day?

Please tell me things in terms of how to dress, how to smell, how to walk in and the timing I should walk in (a little late, early, ext..)

Please keep in mind that I am very smart in school so should I answer lots of questions or kinda quiet down?


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  • -Unbutton your shirt a little (personally I like the more preppy/ swag/ athletic type, not dirty , dumb jock)

    - clean up and have good hygeine (I personally think that it is gross if guys don't take care of themselves)

    - if you like a particular girl, give her a smile or a sexy nod or look to show her that you care

    - don't be alone all the time (chat with some friends/ make new friends and be friendly, but not too in - your face friendly)

    - don't show off by answering all of the questions the professor asks, just enough to show you're intelligent, but also let others answer and have a chance (dont be overly nerdy)

    - -run your hands through your hair a few times (I find this SOOO SEXY, but if its excessive, then it gets annoying and weird...)

    - wear a bit of cologne, enough that people can smell it, but not so much that it overwhelms people... (HUGE turnoff in guys if you suffocate people around you, tip---> ask a friend descreetly if you have too much cologne on)

    - be kind and helpful to people

    - don't hang your head, be confident and walk like you own the world, but not like you are the dictator of it (not showy and too proud)

    - just generally flirt and be yourself as much as you can and girls will be chasing you in no time! :) <3



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  • Your confidence should take care of all that. Wear what you like, what makes you comfortable.

    My favorite? Converse, T-shirts, jeans.

    You answer what you know, out of true knowledge. You ask what you want out of true curiosity, not to outdo someone else.

    I find intelligent guys, very attractive.

    I hope to have one, when I do start dating again!

  • Work out have nice hair, nice clothes, good hygiene, watch what you eat. Pretty much the same things girls to do look hot minus the make-up.

  • He looks super clean like he just showered. He has a good fashionable haircut, or if his hair is long, it's healthy, and his clothes look all clean and new and not all wrinkled up. He looks all energetic, like he eats his veggies, and works out, and has glowy skin, white teeth, and bright eyes.

  • Confidence with a little bit of swag in your style will capture the attention of many femals in your college classrooms lolz


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  • girls only want good looking guys