What if your boyfriend had/did this?

If you saw another girls name tattooed on your man what would you do? What if it was of a ex girlfriend or his first love? Would you not want to be with him if it was on his d***?

What would you do if your boyfriend still kept things from his past gf?

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Most Helpful Girl

  • lol I don't think I'd date anyone who has ANYTHING tattooed on their manhood. That just seems silly to me.

    I would leave my boyfriend if he still had romantic feelings for anyone else, and one way that could be expressed is by clinging to objects that remind him of her. I'm second to none.

    • lol! ty for answering

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What Guys Said 3

  • tattoo removal costs a lot of money so some people may just not have the resources to get these removed and stuck with them , they may not be interested in person now

  • If I was with a girl who had another guy's name tattooed on her. I'd ask her to have it removed, wouldn't matter where it was. Beyond that, I'd trust her once she explained that things were over.

    • wouldn't that hurt lol.

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    • lol well maybe to you but I suppose it depends on the person

    • It very much does depend on the person, I'm not saying that everyone should have this view of it, I'm just saying that's how I'd view it.

  • No girl would ever get her name on my manhood, or anywhere for that matter. You never know when you're going to trade her in for someone else. Seriously, how stupid can some guys be.

    • lol. isn't that just the most romantic way of looking at it. =P Yeah, you may break up but sometimes you think she is the one. lol

    • I've been traded in and traded in a few myself. It happens. lol

    • lol. =P

What Girls Said 3

  • If it was on his d***...then yeah I'd say piss off to him. Not because of the tattoo per say, but because of his stupidity. I don't think we'd make a good match.

    • lol. what if he was in love and thought she was the one?

    • Don't care. There could be a picture of his mom on his d*** as well, I still would think it's pretty stupid.

    • LOL. XD yeah but the second one would be highly creepy. hahaha. *shudders*

  • Aw sh*t, a tattoo? I wouldn't break up with him for having the tattoo, but it's the principle for the thing... I don't want to date someone who's dumb enough to get someone's name tattooed on them. Especially his penis, jesus.

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    • Doesn't matter :P I'm in love with my boyfriend, and even if we stay together forever, it doesn't make any sense to put his name on me.

    • =) lol. well I guess it's a personal choice. I think tats on a guy are sexy and it would be flattering to have them put your name on their skin. Yeah, I know it's not smart thing to do especially when you might not last forever. lol.

  • What in the world?! I would break up with him.

    I am not going to want to see her name on his hard cock.

    • lol! XD aw even if he's a nice guy who you love? =P

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    • Exactly. And he'll say "But baby, all this **** is for you."

    • lol! yeah I can see her trying to get out as fast as possible. ahahha