Ladies -Make-up advice please!!

What would be you best advice on make up when it comes to someone with brown hair, brown eyes, and is of Asian and English descent?

I just never know because there are rarely any make up advice on mixed people!

Suggestions please!



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  • MAKEUP? You don't need no stink'n makeup. Why would you want to tarnish that beautiful face?

    Psss... don't tell anyone but you have really nice eyes.


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  • Keep it natural and shadowy, you have lovely dark features, you don't want to add too much color. I'd use neutral shades such as golds, browns and blacks on the eyes to create smokey effects on your eyes. A little bronzer on your cheek bones to frame your face. Black mascara to highlight your eyes. A very subtle shade of lipstick such as a browny pink, nothing too bold, else it will wash out your skin tone and features. Hope this helps!

    • Thanks for the advice!

      I will definitely try the gold brown and black shades.

      I just bought a whole new make up set because I was just so tired of now knowing what I needed!

      Ill try this tomorrow! Thx again!

    • welcome! I'm sure you'll look lovely

  • My mother is brown haired, brow eyed & when she put black eyeliner, it gives her a nasty look ! Scary one !

    But, she is not very good at putting on make up so I guess you can do better than her !

    I would rather wear something more.. Blue?

  • Since you have brown hair and brown eyes go with a black eyeliner mascara and a shadowy brown shadow good luck