Stretch marks on a girl....

Ok,so say you've been dating this girl for a while but she pushes off sex a lot an just says she's comfortable enough with her body to show yet and then she tells you that she has a lot stretch marks on her thighs and butt,what would you say to her? Is it a turn off?Would you still date her or break up with her or stop seeing her? What would your reaction be?


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  • I'm not a guy, but I will say that I have stretch marks and I have NEVER EVER in my ENTIRE life had a man kick me out of bed because of it because guess what...they don't care! For men, sex is like going to the Super Bowl...they're just happy to be there. I know all girls have hang ups about their bodies but men are smart enough to know that not all women look like supermodels so they're not expecting perfection. If a guy likes you...he'll be thrilled to see you naked. He won't be pinpointing and thinking "ewww, look at her fat thighs or stretch marks...get me out of here". He'll be too busy enjoying your body and thinking in his mind "Hell yea, I'm so getting laid :) ". In a way, that's the most endearing thing about men. I see your pic and you look like a cute girl. Stop being so body conscious and love everything single thing about yourself and let your man enjoy you and what you have to offer. FYI...celebrities have stretch marks too. Here's some stuff to make to look at:


  • I actually have those myself, quite a bad case too really. I was nervous when having sex with my boyfriend because of that factor. I got them from growing, not from being overweight (I'm only 112 lbs) but when we did do it, he didn't mind at all and we've been together for a year and 8 months so we've had sex many times. I'd say, if it was the right guy, he won't care. And since I have actual experience, I know it's true. (: