What's appropriate office attire?

What do you think of this article? Please add to the list. I'm interested to see what we come up with here on GAG.


  • People should be more careful of their dress and mannerisms at the office.
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  • People are too sensitive about the dress and mannerisms of others at the office.
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This is not an article about how WOMEN should/should not dress. It 's about PEOPLE dressing and behaving respectably in an office environment.

Please read the article before posting your answer.


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  • it really depends on where you work. I used to work at an internship. about 3 days a week, I needed suit and tie. Others I could wear jeans and a t shirt if I wanted to, but usually wore a polo

    i know someone else who can wear jeans and a regular button up t-shirt to a full time job

    other people havet to wear a suit and tie every day. it all depends on the environment you work in

    • Yes, but what's considered off-the-charts inappropriate?

    • something that's inappropriate in one environment might be the norm in another. it all depends where. obviously a girl showing up in a bikini to work is probably inappropriate, but any realistic clothing, it varries in every different environment

    • What about guys' attire?

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What Guys Said 4

  • im not going to read that article, but Id just tell you make sure you don't dress provacatively. There is nothing more distracting than a girl who wears something too tight, short, or revealing. Its just torturous.

    P.S. Girls always seem to think something isn't provacative when it really is very sexy. That's not appropriate for an office so you should probably dress more conservative than you think you should.

    • Well, I had a guy tell me that the sexiest thing a girl can wear is his dress shirt -- which is odd, since those are way baggier on a girl than on a guy.

      You're saying that if I wear a button-down dress shirt and a skirt it's too much for the guys to handle?

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    • dont be ridiculous. He's more than likely referring to this look: link

      No how could a guy dress innapropriately as long as he is wearing his suit right?

    • That's why you should read the article.

  • I wear a suit and tie to the office every day, and I find that wherever I venture on business people are prone to calling me sir and holding doors open for me. This is how it should be. ; - )

    • Agreed. The flip-flop portion of the article was a little odd to me. Of course, many other people here are commenting on WOMEN's dress only, which is tiresome since it is possible for guys to dress inapropriately as well. Sigh.

  • Depends on where you work. If it is a casual place like a movie theatre or fast food restaurant, it doesn't matter too much. If you work as a scientist or at an office, it does.

  • Nothing revealing. Nothing you'd normally wear to attract men or attention. Be professional, that's what you're there for.

    • Well...I attract attention and don't wear anything that's particularly revealing.

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    • (That's basically the point of the article.) So what's too casual for a guy? No jacket? No tie? No socks?

    • Depends on the job and culture.

What Girls Said 2

  • I think business casual is pretty appropriate. In my office girls can wear skirts above the knee as long as they're within fingertip length, open toed shoes are OK as long as they're not flip-flops, and tops can bare shoulders but not be spaghetti strap thin. Jeans are permitted on Fridays, t-shirts and sneakers are never allowed. Guys in my office generally wear casual slacks and button downs with loafers.

    But I used to work in a construction firm where jeans, t-shirts, and sneakers were the norm. Though there was no sense in dressing up there because everyone was often covered in paint, sawdust, etc.

    • I'm in a lab most of the week, so standards are strict to avoid chemical contact, etc., but during the summer months it's hard to get everyone to comply with the code. Shorts become the norm, though it's frowned upon and people get written up... We don't have skirt-length issues so far. My pet peeve are the huge dangling earrings, which aren't allowed and actually a hazard for the wearer when they're in the lab.

  • depends on what type of office you work at. for most places I say no jeans or denim, your shoulders should be covered, shouldn't be obvious cleavage showing, skirts should be longer than mid thigh, not much shorter than a few inches above the knee, heels shouldn't be outrageously tall (maybe 3-4 inches), nothing skin tight or overly bright and no slits up to your ass. fitted is fine though. and I don't think you need to wear pantyhose every day.

    • No comments on how guys dress inappropriately, then?

      It would be interesting to see a guy wearing any of the things you're mentioning here... Did you read the actual article?